How to Find Bloggers For Sponsored Posts?

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I could use some suggestions here as I'm looking for bloggers who are willing to write and publish a blog post that include two links to a client's blog within the post in exchange for a fee. Understanding that this sort of backlinking strategy isn't for everyone, I'd rather skip the pro/con debate if we can.

So far, I've posted Craigslist ads, asked on forums and have even contacted a number of bloggers directly. Using these methods, I've found a few good bloggers, but I need more. I've also received a pretty good response from bloggers who either don't have any Page Rank or who are Internet marketers with great PR, but I'm not looking for these types. Mainly, I need bloggers who are focused on DIY, parenting or survival niches.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on better ways to approach this search? Do you know of a special forum or classified site where this sort of search is popular? I'm going to continue with the methods I've been using, but I sure could use some fresh ideas if you have any. I thought it would be a lot easier to find quality blogs in the niches I'm looking for, but it's getting to be a bit of a time consuming uphill battle now.

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