Clickbank Developes New Tracking Technology?

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I don't know if this is old news or not, but after they made their website appearance change, I decided to do some reading in their hoplink frequently asked section for affiliates.

This is what I found:

15. Besides cookies, what other methods do you use to track HopLinks?

Tracking HopLinks and affiliate credit with cookies is 100% accurate in the vast majority of cases. For some percentage of customers, however, cookies do not work for tracking. In these rare instances, customers either have cookies turned off in their browser, have utilized new browser security and/or privacy parameters, or have other software installed on their computer that prevents ClickBank from setting a cookie at all. We have developed a new technology that will accurately track HopLinks and award correct affiliate credit for most instances where cookies are not set. This new technology works hand-in-hand with our current cookie-tracking system to ensure proper credit is awarded to referring affiliates.

Just wondering if this is new or if this was just implemented?
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    This isn't new at all. They had this when I first became an active affiliate with Clickbank over a year ago.
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      Figures. I just wish they WOULD do something about their tracking! Good thing they are not the only affiliate program I use.

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      Originally Posted by Sleaklight View Post

      Looks new to me.

      New Website and HopLink Shield


      New Website Look and Feel

      In the spirit of the many improvements we've made so far this year, ClickBank is excited to unveil our new look! We've made significant changes to our company colors, as well as the look and feel of the navigation bar and the layout of several pages on the website.

      This is the first phase of making the ClickBank website more attractive and easier to understand for new clients.

      Please note that these changes do not affect existing functionality or page locations, so you can continue to use the ClickBank system in the same way you always have.

      Encode Your HopLinks with HopLink Shield

      ClickBank is proud to introduce HopLink Shield, a free tool that encrypts the affiliate and vendor nicknames in HopLinks. This adds an extra layer of privacy and anonymity to HopLinks, keeping affiliates' promotional efforts and techniques hidden from others. This tool represents another step in ClickBank's continuing dedication to HopLink tracking and security.

      Please note that all older formats of HopLinks are still valid and will continue to be tracked.
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      Originally Posted by Sleaklight View Post

      Yea, that's new but I wonder how that's going to help HopLink tracking?

      I'll stick to the old hoplinks for now and see how the new linking works before jumping in
      on that one.

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      Originally Posted by Sleaklight View Post

      LOL Whats the point in it if you have a decoder?

      False sense of security that it will stop affiliate theft?
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    Originally Posted by teohcl View Post

    So are you guys saying that hoplink will be changed, please let me know if that is the case. Thanks
    They are using new hoplink coding. But, they are still tracking the old ones for now.

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    Do we need to change the old hop links to the new ones anytime soon?
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      1. The 'new' tracking technology was introduced in May 2007.

      2. Hoplink Shield is a new (optional) encryption feature

      3. The hoplink format has not changed


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