Has any body had luck working wiith DAVID DUBBS

by tkubik
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I was wondering if anybody out there has had luck working with
dave dubbs and made consistent income every month..
or is he just full of hot air and takes your money!!

Every thing i have tried with him hasn't worked ..
He came out of retirement and is promoting this
new local search company for business in your local
area called localadlink.com
let me know what your thoughts are about him and has he
helped you make soilid income every month online.
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    I did a search for David Dubbs on google, and I found the ads in the search results entertaining... all ads about people who left David Dubbs. Not sure what to think of this.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      He was very active with direct selling programs like
      EasyDailyCash and the 1-Step System - both defunct
      - he would jump into a new program every few months
      and customers who could afford to get into the new
      plan would follow.

      There are re-curring patterns with all programs of this
      nature which lack a physical product. They generally
      fold after 6-24 months, leaving distributors out in
      the cold.

      The truth is you CAN make money jumping from program
      to program as the new ones launch, but beyond the
      short term people start to notice such program-hoppers
      aren't building sustainable businesses. On studying
      the industry in depth I chose not to do that, even though
      as a marketer I have the skills to do it. Instead I applied
      myself to developing a way to help people build a solid
      direct sales business with a solid company ONCE, a
      business built to last.

      People love to jump on a bandwagon and they want the
      newest money-making gimmick too - problem is
      that these programs tend not to last and most
      distributors who come in late will earn no money.
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        thanks for the great info good work loren
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