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I haven't had much luck finding copy (swipes?) for Solo Ads. I know they are supposed to be kept short, but finding some decent examples has been tricky. The plus for me is that I've found plenty of awesome Solo Ad guides

Anyone help for a quick help ITT?
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    If you don't mind spending a few bucks, this WSO has some decent ones, think the upsell has some good ones too. this is not an affiliate link by the way
    Email Swipes
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    I'm not that convinced you need a swipe file for them.

    If you have an email address you use to subscribe to random lists (and protect your main email address) I bet you can a) scroll through and see which subject lines made you want to click and open them and b) I bet a lot of those marketers are buying or selling solo ads (or using Adswaps) which is essentially a swipe.

    [NOTE: I would never swipe them to use as they are... you could be infringing on copyright laws... but you can get some great ideas]

    Just have a think about what's most important to you for that Solo Ad email.

    Is it open rates. Is it clicks. Is it opt-ins?

    And what can you do to get whichever you want as high as you can.
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    Unfortunately, there aren't plug and play solutions for everything. Maybe get a copywriter to write some original stuff for you.
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    Others might have a different view but if you are purchasing Solo Ads, you actually don't need to worry that much how good your Swipe is.

    The vendor will provide you with the said amount of clicks regardless.

    I guess it's more important to look for a good Solo Ad vendor rather than spend time perfecting your Swipe.

    Just my 2 cents!
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    Depending on the list that will be running the ad, you might get better results with an INFORMATIVE type of format. I run make money online lists and this format is better for me because my list members don't get as desensitized as before. Spammy ads with income claims tend to burn the list out. Sure, it's a good idea for the ad buyer but it sucks for the seller.

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    The problem of buying these ads is that you are not guaranteed with the quality of these clicks. You get per say 40 clicks but you can get unlucky and most of these are dead ends.
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