Click2Cloak - Beta Testers Needed

by Michael Silvester 5 replies
Hi Guys,

I just created a free affiliate link cloaker
called Click2Cloak I would like you guys
to test it out for me and let me know
if there is anything that It may need?

Here is the link

All suggestions will be taken on board.

Take Care,

Michael Silvester
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    Hi Michael,

    I really like your concept. It worked without an issue and I see the php redirect file in my server. The redirection worked and it tracked so it works great.

    The one issue you might encounter is that I don't know about entering my FTP info including password. I did it because I've seen you around the forums. If it wasn't for that I would be a bit leery about entering my FTP info.

    I just wanted to let you know about my reservations since it might a common problem you might face.

    Maybe making it so you have to login to get to the upload form and then make it so the FTP password is ***** instead of being raw. Even if just for psychological appeasement of the end user. :-)

    Good concept though.
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