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Hello !

This is my opt in page I have just created it.

Please help me to comment it. Go here

Thank you very much

V Move
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    Hey V Move,

    In my own personal experience, I find that the less information you put on the opt in page, the better. Your headline works, I would just suggest you take out "with affiliate marketing 3.0". It creates enough curiosity and desire in your prospect. Honestly, I would suggest you take a lot of the text out, and split test it with this current one you have. I'm sure you'll find that the simpler page will perform better.

    I receive opt in rates as high as 60% on pages which are just a simple headline, sub-head, and opt in, so that's something to keep in mind. In my honest opinion, I think you're giving everything away too soon, allowing your prospect to decide, "Nah.. I don't want this" before they ever opt in (which is the entire point of your squeeze page). Show them affiliate marketing 3.0 AFTER they opt in .

    I hope that helps.

    Warmest Regards,

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      I completely agree with Kenny.

      Usually the simpler the opt in page the better. All you really need is the headline and no other text.

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      Hello V Move
      Taking into consideration what was said above, plus I think you should keep the font on both tittle and paragraph below much more simpler and clearer. I needn't be over fancy.

      I find it difficult to read the header with the current font. Take away the shadow, as it is distracting.

      Also have the message to action optin above the form, if not put a visual prompt like an arrow pointing to the from where you tell them to opt in.

      I hope that helps too!

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    Yes, you shouldn't have much distraction. You want people to focus on your optin box. Squeeze page is for people to optin, not a sales page. You don't do promotion there. Just have a strong headline and a strong call to action then you'll be good to go.

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    You have some spelling mistakes, on your page
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    I read a recent post by a Warrior who said that his Squeeze page was converting because it was very simple, with only an opt-in box and nothing else.

    On the other hand, your English is poor, you made many mistakes.

    You should simply delete all these sentences and write:

    ‘Building a Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing 3.0’

    Most people care about building a passive income online because it works by itself. You are trying to tell your visitors that they will keep receiving affiliate commissions thanks to your lessons, but the words ‘lifetime profits’ are somehow confusing. We have to think to understand their meaning, while ‘passive income’ is obvious and it’s an excellent keyword.

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    I agree with clever7. You have to much info on your squeeze page with less info you will get more subscribers. And you will have less spelling mistakes.
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    I agree less can be more, the bullet headings should make the offer irresistible otherwise are a waste of time.

    The points on this page just basically repeat what is in the headline so are wasted.

    There is one spelling mistake I can see so don't worry too much about your English, I am sure that one was a accident.

    You don't have to be amazing at language to create a great converting squeeze page, I prefer things that may not be perfect English but then you know they are real and not just full of bull from a copywriter trying to manipulate you into an action.

    As for keywords it is a waste of time targetting them on a basic squeeze page, you will never get it ranking in todays search results especially for something like passive income, although I do agree it is a good keyword to target and people understand what it means.

    Create content around that keyword and other relevant ones and then direct the traffic the content gets to the squeeze page.

    Hope that helps, it was a decent attempt to start with, must admit mine were not up to much in the beginning, but taking action and learning will get you where you want to be.
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    I find your headline a bit difficult to read with the shadow in the background. Also your page is a bit too cluttered .Looking at it from a visitors perspective, if I have to spend too much time trying to figure out what you are advertising I'm probably going to click away from the page.
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    Just a word of advice i would put the picture a bit higher on the page.good luck

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    This is my revision. Go here please
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    Its looking good but i always had a problem with red color! Used to make me feel uncomfortable i dont know! This is just me
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