How DO You Dominate Everyday?

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I just love this forum so much it has helped me to get so far in my IM journey. Thank you to all the people in this forum that has helped me as well.

Lately I've been studying a lot about peak performance and how many people are able to do the type of things that they do. From Kobe to Micheal Jordan from Micheal Jackson to Serena Williams. Even Jason Fladlien And People Like Robert Plank. Gary Vaynerchuk Too. These people have one thing in common they work HARD!! That's really what it boils down to.

I have a question for all you guys in here that are doing IM for a living. How do you manage to attack everyday with a purpose and get so much done while keeping your business in order. How are you able to be extremely productive without becoming workaholics. I honestly feel like this is something that holds a lot of us back as marketers and makes us take longer on this road of internet marketing than we really should.

So I would love if you guys would share a few tips about how you are able to be extremely productive everyday?

For me I tend to work like my life depended on it like if I didn't finish I would die what about you?

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    Hi everyone,

    I don't say I would die for the job but u try to focus on the key things.
    And I try to do as much as I can as fast as I can to rest later.

    But I love Internet so it is easy to me becaus if you love what you do it is no longer a job but fun!

    So lets do it now together don't put it on anothe day the day is today

    All the best and see you on top

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      Dominating everyday would mean putting the "heart of a champion" at work. If we could only clothe ourselves with the confidence of a real champion, we could tackle each day with the zest to be productive in all our endeavours.

      Thanks for this question on this thread. It makes me really think it through.

      Let's all strive for that.
      Ideas For Profits
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    I list down my top 4 things to do. Then I make sure I don't do anything else until they are all done. Use the 80/20 rule when figuring out which to list.
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    Sometimes it's hard to prevent from being a workaholic. It doesn't happen every day but there are times when there is more work that needs to be done. I just remind myself that if I don't work today, my tasks won't accomplish on their own so I have double or triple workloads tomorrow. That's more tiring and less efficient.
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      No work = no bills paid = homeless.

      That's how I attack every day with a purpose. It really is as simple as that.
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      I've realized that you must create systems and make them as automated as you can. But I love the tips you guys are sharing. Honestly I feel this alone mentally holds us back as marketers. What about waking up at 5am I've been trying to implement this for a few weeks but its been hard. What I'm planning to do is start a facebook group for us to be like accountability partners you know what do you guys think?
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    I have a to do list and then if needs be have sub to do lists....

    This has kept me motivated for the last 10 or so years..... :-)

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    I put all the tasks that take less than 5 mins and do them first....

    The prioritize everything....

    Everything is made up of small steps so I just work through the steps :-)
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    Have you ever listened to Zig Ziglar's "blueprint for achievement?"
    It is a wonderful, easy listen on how to initiate the "success mechanism" within you to tackle every day with a goal and get that goal achieved.
    It is very peculiar, because as you stick to a regiment, your goals can start to be "clean your room" or "take a walk for an hour"
    yet, despite some of your goals being very simple, they can have a powerful effect in your overall success.
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      mcwalker25 Thanks that sounds sick I'll have to check it out. Have you used the methods yourself? If so what were your results?
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        Originally Posted by oppyeaunome View Post

        mcwalker25 Thanks that sounds sick I'll have to check it out. Have you used the methods yourself? If so what were your results?
        I dont know what youre referring to exactly.
        But what i CAN say...

        For example,
        There are two ways one can watch iron man 3.
        the first way, which is the common way, is to watch it, entertain yourself and be occupied.
        Or, do what i did...
        Get a lot of work done and cross out a lot of "task" on your task list. Write down a new task list for the next day or after you watch iron man 3... keep that "appointment" you made with iron man 3 and go see it...
        come out of the movies feeing VERY refreshed, feel very creative and appreciative to yourself for keep that "appointment" despite all the Unfinished business you have...
        and what will happen (at least for me) is that you will tackle your todo list with the same kind of vigor as one does in a new day.

        To get to the point, task list and schedule management is mostly about managing one's energy.
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          One can pretty much do anything qualitatively, or NON-qualitatively.

          When I was a kid, I didnt just watch cartoons for the enjoyment (i did enjoy them), I watched them and gathered ideas from them for my future profession (I wanted to design games back than).
          Although I did not persue the profession i wanted, doing such a "non productive" thing like watching TV for ideas for a future profession I thought I would be is never the less a VERY qualitative thing to do.

          And that is why I say that "taking a walk" or "cleaning your room" can be very qualitative despite being ordinary things.
          Its all about how they help manage your energy supply, which pretty much is the life or death of your business goals.
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            Yeah thats also a very valid point you should set your mindset to only do as I like to say the "money making tasks" Many times in IM we overcomplicate the process! Break down each task to a step by step and set a timer on each step.
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            I actually had to eliminate coffee from my diet to really streamline my productivity. That caused the groggiest wake ups ever for me. During my morning workout I tend to zone out thinking about what needs to be done for the day. This typically works out to about 3 - 5 things (either projects or parts of larger projects) I can get done before bed.

            It did take a lot of "forcing" myself into habit that really got things aligning for me though. Like pushing harder in my morning workout would be an extension of pushing more productivity out of the day. You sort of put yourself in a position where you feel more challenged but you just push through the tension so pushing yourself becomes a habit in itself.
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    I put the big stuff (or the things that keeps popping up in my mind) first on my list, because what that does is pretty much ease the tension of "having to do" these task.
    I try not to "procrastinate" because one can tackle other task on your task list, but if youre doing so because you dont want to touch the "big one" on the list, it could be very unhealthy when you finally do stand against that task you were avoiding.
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  • Profile picture of the author Danny Cutts
    Yep.... But you need to make sure what your doing is actually impacting your business in a good way... no point being super effective wasting time :-)

    I now work about 4 hours a day and that time is simply spent growing my business as everything else is fairly self sufficient... years and years of hard work

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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    I follow a simple routine everyday that gets results for me. It's predictable, and everyday i do the same thing. This is how i'm able to gain market recognition, and also outsell some of the competitors in my niches... and even steal their customers.
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    I make a TODO list daily on notepad and prioritize my tasks on this and work like this.. But in my case I always have to work more and more... Well to be honest for me work from home is not a good Idea.. I mean I be at home. Earn a lot more than I could earn with a job. I am my own boss but what makes it tooo bad for me... Working hard which i dont like... But here I have one good thing that I can take a off whenever I want I don't need to ask a boss for leave
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  • Profile picture of the author Josh Monroe
    How do I dominate everyday?

    I wake up
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    As Randall stated above, I have a set plan i follow through with everyday i found what works for me and i continue to do it, I build my list everyday and connect with people in the same market as I am in.

    Stay Active with-in your niche and start building your List from day 1
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    I would love if you guys would share a few tips about how you are able to be extremely productive everyday?

    I’ve worked hard for so many years to complete my research before working online, that I’m used with a lot of work. I like the writing part because I’m a writer, and this is an advantage because you never stop writing online.

    However, I hate marketing… This part is hard for me, but I’m always learning something new. This gives me enthusiasm, especially when I use the knowledge I found and I have positive results. I like the positive end, but not all the work involved to get there.

    I try to learn something new everyday and I try to think about the positive results instead of concentrating my attention on all the work I have to do until I will have these results.

    I also use my sense of humor whenever possible.

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  • Profile picture of the author writeaway
    I went from 2000 words per day to 15000 words per day by doing the following

    1) Focus on what needs to get done daily
    2) Get curious about doing things better
    3) Read other people's work and learn from them
    4) Listen to clients and meet their needs
    5) Fine tune what I do
    6) MOST IMPORTANT: set daily production challenges that step up productivity.

    The problem is that most people hit a certain level of productivity and quality and they stop. They think this is 'good enough'

    TELL YOURSELF: Yesterday was Good Enough but today the same stuff as yesterday's output is NOT good enough. Don't rest on your laurels. Your best is never good enough. Keep pushing for faster, better, and more systematic stuff. That's what separates those who are in this to get by and those who are in it to EXCEL and DOMINATE. Which one are you?
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  • Hi oppyeaunome,

    Opening comments in threads or simple posts beginning with an expression of gratitude never fail to get my attention and strike a similar chord in me. Thanks for that.

    From my point of view good performance in a business depends on what kind of expectations one has from what he is working on every day.

    I know folks who have fairly simple expectations and may only work 2 to 4 hours a day but never miss a single day of work in the year. . . . and they are quite happy with that.

    But then again everyone has different targets, goals and often a simple need to make enough money to get along well enough without becoming a "workaholic".
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    Yes I work like my life depended on it but not to the point that I would die if it wasn't finished. I think you just have to be patient and be positive when you work hard and feel that your life depended on your job I guess all your tasks or project gets completed in no time.
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    Try to read Work the system and apply 80/20 in your job, it works for me

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    I write a to-do-list each day and I re-evaluate my goals regularly to make sure I am on track.
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    • Profile picture of the author oppyeaunome
      Wow guys this is absolutely solid information. I think this is where most marketers struggle. I remember when I got started online the problem was I never had clear goals. I focused on the money I wanted but not the plan to get there. This frustrated because when I don't see the money I expected I would give up. I've learned though that setting small goals everyday that allowed me to systematically accomplish my Long Term Big goals would help me to build up the moment I need to succeed. I just love the folks on this forum and although many of us already know a lot, internet marketing is a cycle of Learning and Action but you've got to implement and take action! I love the information you guys have been sharing. I've even begun to take notes!
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  • Profile picture of the author Abul-Hussain
    Separate the revenue producing activities from the non-revenue producing activities and prioritise that way.

    Author | Speaker | Digital Marketing Coach

    I help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results online. Get in touch to see how we can help you build a 6 figure business.
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  • Profile picture of the author Big Al

    Doing something that moves you forward one step each and everyday.

    That and having a plan of attack.

    I find that the consistency keeps me on track and is a much better way than hammering it hard for a week then doing nothing for two.
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  • Profile picture of the author oppyeaunome
    The information in this thread is GOLD!!!! You guys really share some awesome tips thats why I really love this forum!
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  • Profile picture of the author mjones70
    How you begin and how you end your day is so important. At the end of the day it helps me to review what I did, what worked and what didn't. And then plan out tasks for the following day, so when I wake up I can hit the ground running with a sense of purpose and minimal chance of getting distracted...
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  • Profile picture of the author jmharris48
    You definetely have to be consistent in whatever you do!

    For example: I wake up in the morning, market my business on the internet for usually about 2-3 hours and then enjoy life!

    I try not to work to hard and I am satisfied with my income and it allows me to travel and do things I always wanted...

    So stay focused my friend and never give up at whatever you do!

    100% FREE System Generates $395/Day

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  • Profile picture of the author Duvallmarketers
    Put EVERYTHING on your calendar with the amount of time you expect to take to complete it. You will very quickly see how fast your day fills up. Task lists don't cut it because they're not put into context of your actual day. With everything on your calendar you'll be able to see what's worth doing and what to say no to. You can actually design your future this way and stay focused on what gets you to that desired outcome. One thing to include is your free time / family time. We all need time to change focus and allow ourselves the opportunity to relax / recharge our mental & emotional batteries. This one bit of advice is literally transforming my life. I hope you find it useful.

    Brian Duvall, CEO
    We build market leaders!

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