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Hello Everyone!

I am brand new to this forum. I am not sure where to start with IM. I currently sell on ebay and amazon but I am looking to diversify and add additional income streams. I have been reading thru some threads and some members are saying to start with building a list.
Also, I would be very interested in getting a mentor or coaching? Any suggestions?

Where should I start? Affiliate marketing? List building?
Was looking at Andrew Hansen's "Forever Affiliate Video Coarse" I believe the cost was $495 for the coarse and some coaching?

Anyone know any coaching programs / mentors for someone brand new?

Any help would be appreciated!!


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    Well, Magic Mike on this forum has helped me incredibly to make money. I've gone from making next to nothing to about $100/day average this month. You can search his coaching thread on the forum, and it is downright cheap.

    I know there are other good coaches here as well, but that's been my experience.
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    Yes there are plenty of great coaches you can find in the WSO Section.

    One of My Mentors was Alex Jeffreys and he has a tremendous coaching program, I dont know if its still available but you can search the WSO Section to see if it is..

    Me myself, Im concentrating on building my email list with targeted subscribers and product creation and incorporating Sales Funnels...

    Im using this method of making money because it has been proven time and time again to work and it is currently how I make my full time living from Internet Marketing...

    Have Fun and Take Action on a Proven System set up for your business and you will be fine...
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    I want to keep this short. Since you are brand new, I recommend you find a mentor ASAP instead of reading and reading... which will ultimately lead to INFO OverLoad. Trust me, you don't want that.

    Still a struggling newbie? Click here to discover how to make money online.

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      The best advice I can give to you is pick one thing and focus on it. When I started I chose to focus on building a list and selling solos, I focused on it and nothing else and started making a ton of money with it. Then you go to the next method that interests you and focus on it, ect.

      Avoid the shiny object syndrome (jumping from one thing to the next, never putting enough effort in one method to have it work) which plagues almost every newbie.

      If you need any help feel free to PM me
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    i'd definitely sign up for a solid program with a mentor. nothing helps you saving more time because following one person will save you the information overload and feelings of giving up
    then i´d build a wordpress blog of my interest, add aweber and write, write, write
    enjoy the process! (--> ps: you can also sign up for my free 30 days program, gets you started totally free, step by step)

    Free Business Class on Skillshare:

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  • Eric,

    Resource Utility -- Start by listing down your available resources. What industries do you have specialized knowledge and expertise in? What skill sets in these industries can you combine with your other resources (contacts, time, money and so on) to implement value added propositions into what you can already do? Maximize the use of your available resources. And:

    By doing the things above, you'd be able to pinpoint a set of niches in your chosen industries, the market segments targeted by those niches, the needs and demands of those target market segments, what you can offer or develop to accommodate those needs and demands, your value added propositions for those markets, and the best ways in packaging and using your resources to promote your offers and value added propositions across those target market segments.

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  • Hi Eric,

    Welcome to this Fourm! We like welcoming new friends to this online money making place.

    I tend to agree with many who have encouraged you to find a good mentor.

    And don't forget that IM research (reading, reading, reading) when ever you have spare time is time not wasted. Much good can come from reading the really great direct sales Internet Marketers books.

    And, new greats are in the making as we speak. The world's your oyster. Go for it!
    Best of luck to you as you dive in.
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      Thanks to everyone!

      I appreciate all the responses to my questions. I received a few leads for coaching as well.

      all the best,

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      thanks for the help!
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    Hi All. i am a total newbie here. So new that i don't even know how to build a website yet. But i have heard of Andrew Hansen and would like to start off by understanding what is IM as a beginner. Therefore, can anyone advise should i still buy his "unstoppable affiliate" or "forever affiliate". Because I do not know is "forever" a more advance version that I may not understand. Thank you
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    Check out the WSO section of this forum and pick a coaching program within your budget and which has positive review.

    Then just follow instructions and take action


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    Hi Gary. Thanks for your reply. In fact i have done a search and that's why I have only this 2 products to ask for advise. Hope there are other warrior have a comparison between this 2 course. Thanks
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      hi and welcome here!
      i think you should better buy a totally newbie training, maybe with someone holding your hand. it is a waist of time and money to learn different techniques all the time without knowing the basics.
      it took me quiet a bit to get it all together in my head actually so something from real beginning helped me best

      Free Business Class on Skillshare:

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    Hi Monja thanks for your reply. Base on your experience and knowledge, so is the 2 course I mentioon considered a basic course ? And which 1 I should go for if they are. Thank you very much
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    you are very welcome - actually, i´d choose mine LOL just kidding though but that is what i built, a course for total newbies and i'm with them all the time because i think that is what newbies need to make it all come together.
    can you link me up to the courses so i can have a look and let you know which is considered a newbie course?

    Free Business Class on Skillshare:

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    Hi Monja, sorry i don't understand what you mean. Are you currently in a basic course now ? Cos you say you are with them all the time. And so sorry that I am a newbie nerd, do you mean link you to the 2 course i mention ? In fact you can find from this forum here, it's just that there is no comparison between this 2 course which one is suitable for a newbie like me. Thanks again.
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    Being a member of this forum is already a good start because you'll definitely learn a lot of IM stuffs here. Alex Jeffreys is really a great success coach.

    The best way to have a passive income is to create a product.
    The things that you need to do is conduct your own market research, find/choose what niche you want to be with, plan for your product creation, build your list, then money comes in your way.

    Hope it helps.
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    Like other people have said it is easy to get caught in information overload. To save you trying to work everything out and buying every product like i did, you would be best to stick to one program and follow it step by step.

    Chris Farrell and Brian Campbell both have good programs that will help you get started and pick up the basics of what you need to know.
    Affiliate links are not allowed. That includes framing.
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