To popup or not to popup? That is the question

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So guys,

Recently started a blog which I hope will be able to establish my authority in my particular niche (Respect ma authority!)

After bitter internal debate, i've used Awber as my mail client.

However, what I'm wondering is, should I have a popup signup form whenever people come to my homepage?

Or should I just leave it at the side bar?

I'm wondering if the popup signup form will scare people away, OR encourage more to sign on to my list?

Thanks for the answers!
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    If you really want to know, "To popup or not to popup?" is not the question at all. The question should be "Did adding the popup increase or decrease net income?"

    Everything else being equal, if you add the popup and run the numbers at the end of the month, are you making more or less money?

    Once you answer that question, you won't need to ask your question.
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    Personally, I dislike popups when I go to a webpage or blog. But... if having one increases your income, then you know the answer. You need to test it for 30-60-90 days and see what happens.
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    Right - the question is - have you tested your results?

    @drewfioravanti answer boils it all down to whether you made more money - but there are two factors in that -

    1. Did you get more people on the list.
    2. What is quality/buying power of the people on the list if they come from a popup or just from the side bar?

    Also - should you also add a landing page on the blog that is dedicated only to optins without any other links or way to navigate off? You can send traffic to that and make the "submit" button take people to the home page of the blog.

    Gotta love testing

    I do have a tracking graph that you can download free off my blog - in the signature line. The link is at the bottom of the post and there is a pdf in the download that shows you how to use.
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    Thanks guys.

    I've only just started working on the list (I've only had my site up for a couple months, and only started seriously working on it last month) so I haven't really had the opportunity to do much (or any) long term testing. However, I will see which gives me the best results!
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      Good decision on the testing thing.

      I don't use a pop on my home page anymore. I used to, but I've gone to a design where the opt-in offer is very obvious. I am experimenting with using a popup on other pages which summarizes the opt-in offer and gives the choice of filling out the form immediately or opening the offer in a new window.

      I'm also testing a cookie-based popup. Cookied subscribers don't get the pop, others do.

      I'm not saying you should do this. Just offering some food for thought as you progress...
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    I installed popup domination on my blogs and my opt in rate exploded by 400%. Now, to maximize the value from this, I suggest you be VERY SPECIFIC in your popup text. Don't offer freebies. Inflict a little bit of pain. The key is to attract only those who would want to buy later or click on solo ads later. By the way, there are many other popup WP plugins in the market, I just mentioned PD because that's the one I use.
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    Definately you should try adding the popup. Although some people hate popups, including myself, a registration popup is not that annoying as an ad, and it will help you.
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