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Hello, I am fairly new with Fiverr and was wanting to find someone to write a few twitter and facebook post that I can use to promote my business. I messaged 2 different people and have not gotten any response back from either one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated it.
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    Hey CaliGirl,

    Yeah people tend not to respond to messages, you just have to go off of their reputation and ratings if they are any good.

    I'd suggest to do a sort by ratings and go with some of the highest rated sellers. The good news is that you already know they are the same price Of course, make sure you know what you are buying, some will offer more for that $5 than others.
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    lots of lazy people. Make sure you choose quality provider. Sort gig listing by rating and choose between the first which showing up.

    However, always check out the poitive and negative review count.

    If somebody not answers your inquiries go on to the next. The professional ones do answer.

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    What type of business opp is it. Depending on the niche fiverr can be great or disastrous. My recommendation is to start following people in your niche on the social platforms.

    Example: Promoting mlm? Go to the biggest names in that sector and see if there is a fan page of sort. Follow the followers of those guys (highly targeted leads) and engage.

    DO NOT just spam them an offer of any kind. Instead, engage and ask for help. Even better....ask them how they're succeeding or if they're succeeding.

    You want to get conversations started and then tell them your "Oh by the way...this is the only thing I've been doing, etc...."

    I've gotten a crap load of targeted leads to sign up to first follow me back and then get on my lists.

    Hope that was helpful.


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    It's a sign. Stay away from fiverr for writing gigs.
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    Couldn't you use Mechanical Turk for this. Much cheaper than Fiverr.com. You could probably get such posts done for $0.25-$0.50 each, maybe less.

    Tim Pears

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