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Something very useful that the top internet marketers is sending their leads to their blog over and over again...

Give them some free information and then say 'to learn more, click here' (link to a page on your blog) and in your blog, tell them about the coaching you can offer, or create an opt-in box where they can go to order the product.

This way, they'll recognize you and you're building your identity at the same time.

- Shafina Zahra
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    This is pretty common. All you really have to do is announce your new blog post to your list. No reason to give something away for free if you're leading them to your blog for free information.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    This is something very common in the internet marketing niche. However, I don't see many people doing it in other niches probably because they are not very marketing savvy.
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    Yes, getting people out of their inbox and over to your blog is much better than just giving them all the info in the email. Keep your emails short. The point of an email should only be to get people to click a link. Once they click a link that is where the selling or free information is done.
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      A good method is to create short "info-video" post on your blog and send your subscribers to that link.. They love videos..
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        Originally Posted by Julius Minor View Post

        A good method is to create short "info-video" post on your blog and send your subscribers to that link.. They love videos..
        I was just thinking of doing this and was wondering if it would be more successful than linking to written blog posts (which I'm currently doing). I am definitely going to test it out.

        YOU are awesome :)

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    Another useful tip and one that i do often is create training videos and have them on a private page i built and send it to them during your follow up...

    It will help you to start building brand awareness right out of the gate!!
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    I do this since I started my blog (as 10 years now) this will increase your returning audience, improve your bouncing rate and Google love this.
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    If yousend those on your list to your blog, that is an excellent way to build credibility, rapport and much more. By sending them to the blog, then they can read the other information that you have and learn more about you in the process.

    And, if you are selling other products on the blog, then maybe they might have a look and make a purchase. So as you can see here, sending your subscribers to your blog is really in your very best interest.

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      I've been doing this for years. It builds trust, shows expertise, gives value and one of the best things about it, people feel more comfortable reading a sales pitch from a blog rather than a salesletter and are more likely to BUY. Why? Because it gives of the soft-sell approach and is more personable. It is a good substitute for having to write content in your newsletters all the time, and if you have other recommendations on your blog, they will check them out also. Better yet, your email list is the most responsive, so they will share your content through social media and bring new readers and buyers to you in the long-run
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