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Can anyone tell me the fastest and most scalable way of reaching out to business owners apart from calling them?
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    Walking in and asking for the owner. See if he/she is free to talk for about 5min. (Be Friendly) If so have a small chat, tell them about what you offer. If they are immediately interested that is great but most likely not. Ask for their number,then call them in 3-7 days, after they have seen what you can do/offer. If they are still not interested, it's okay. Try them again in a month, while you wait go after other prospects .

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      Depending on what you're selling, profit margins and area in which you sell (local, national, etc), small business conferences and tradeshows are one of the best ways to hit massive amounts of prospects. While it requires some investment, the payoffs can be fast and massive.
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    Why are so many people here so afraid of picking up the phone?
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    Cold calling face to face - but that takes balls. You will get told to fire off quite often, and if your 'pitch' isn't up to much, don't expect a good response rate.

    Its more effective than picking up the phone because a lot of lazy people pick up the phone because it's easier than turning up in person. If you have your customers' problems at heart, then you're likely to strike up a conversation, and whatever your solution is will be given the time to be looked at.

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    Have you tried passenger pigeons or smoke signals? They really grab attention.
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    Have you tried emailing them?
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    You have to be different and do what other people don't do. Anything online is saturated and won't make you stand out (emailing them especially). Very FEW people will go see them in person and put a face to your name. It's a great idea.
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      I am a big fan of smoke signals myself...but when that fails...I have contacted my local Chamber of Commerce and offered to speak at seminars that they put on.

      Or, if you don't want to speak, at least show up at every meeting and you will be stuck in a room with about 30-50 business owners each meeting.

      I am not a fan of cold calling either, so when I was working more with biz owners I found that the Chamber helped me get business. But that's me.

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    Approach them. It shows that you were really sincere with your business transaction if ever you can have the partnership with them for your business.

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    Creative, fun, funky cards maybe? Or email?

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