Need help in promoting my website.

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Hi, I'm a newbie to affiliate marketing. Recently I got my first and very own website running and I need some advices on promoting my site.

My website is embedded with meta keywords and all. I had also ping my site to search engine via "pingomatic", however, my website still couldn't be found by Google.

Any other ways to let search engines pickup my website fast? It will be great if I can find my website on the first or second page of Google.

Please advice me on generating traffic to my site as well.
Thanks in advance.
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    Get high quality links from other sites. If it's a new, recently registered domain, it could take a few weeks for you to get noticed. As you build content this will improve, so keep building good content!!!

    Martin Platt

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    Try to update your site as frequently as possible.
    Submit your site to Google and other popular search engines such as Bing and Yahoo etc.
    Submit your site to Social Bookmarking sites.
    Stay active in social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
    Stay active in Forums.
    Start content updation and content marketing after keyword research.

    I am sure if you can do all this then your site will be listed in the search engines.

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    Blimey! - Your site could take days, months or even years before it gets on to page one. What is your sites keywords?

    It all depends on the competition, location, content, backlinks, keywords, site makeup, ease of use, speed, sitemap, crawlability - the list goes on.

    One tip: dont worry about any of that and just concentrate on creating quality, unique content that your visitors will love.

    SEO is a minefield and without knowing your niche I would suggest you just focus on content.
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    When it comes to ranking higher in the search engines there are few things that matter:

    Patience: It won't happen overnight, it might take months or even years to rank first page.

    User metrics: Try to optimize your website for your audience. The longer you keep them on your page, the more pages they visit, the bounce rate, etc. The better these user metrics are the higher you will get ranked.

    Interaction: People commenting on your posts will tell the search engines that people are engaging with your content. Getting people to share your stuff through social media will tell them the content is good, because bad content almost never gets shared. These signals will help your rankings. This can be done through writing great and engaging content.

    Backlinking: For me I always focus on high quality and relevant backlinks, not so much about quantity. Focus on blogs, forums and websites that closely relate to yours.

    There are some other factors to ranking higher too, but it will take some time to get these high rankings.

    Maikel Michiels
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    You could try getting links from other sites and article marketing...content is king
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    You might want to check some forums. There are a lot in here that gives good advices. I can also share you my favorite strategy. You can try online marketing like social media such as; facebook, instagram, twitter, and pinterest. You can do marketing in terms of blogs or pictures depending on what you are comfortable with.

    Hope this works!
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    Adding a sitemap to your site and adding it to google webmaster tools helps too.

    Aphasia: Loss of Language NOT Intelligence.

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    Affiliate marketing is generally not a good business model for showing up in search results, but this highly depends on the level of competing sites present in your niche. If competition is not so strong, then also affiliates' sites may achieve top rankings.

    First think about your visitors' experience, then about your business. If you satisfy your visitors in terms of information they get from you, confidence you build in them, and other soft aspects of leading your customers to satisfaction, then you may end up with doing business.

    Providing that you already did that, or that you have a site ready for that, apply the above suggestions to increase your online presence. Be active in thematic forums, build social connections, build backlinks, update your content regularly - if competition is not strong, you will not miss high rankings in short time. If it isn't, well, you'll have to persistently apply all of the above for much longer time - or get into paid advertising where you will be buying your target traffic.
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    Thanks for all the great advices guys. I will start by writing quality content and promote through social sites. Google Adsense had just approve my website.

    I'll try to promote my site thru the advices given above. Although this website of mine is the first and an experimental site, at least now I know how to start it all up and a first step in internet marketing. Great help! Cheers! =)
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    You can try online posting such as forums and social networking. Facebook, twitter and instagram are the most popular social networking as of today. You can try advertising there with a lower cost because you can use the “fan page” that they have. You can ask your friends to refer their friends or who are interested to take a look at your page and that will definitely improve your marketing circle.
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      Assuming you've done everything necessary to get ranked high (that's legit!), it could still take Google - esp. now!

      Best advice, i could give is ensure that your site has good quality, unique content that is regularly updated.

      Continue to build quality back links back to your site from high authority site. Don't use robots! Do it manually.. Yes, it's a chore - but you'll get better quality results.

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    If you want more specific advice, you should show a link to your site. I don't even see it in your profile.

    A couple of resources I can recommend to help you learn are:
    * The various specialized forum sections right here on the Warrror forum

    Hope that helps...
    "You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can't count the apples in a seed."
    Online Visual Communication expert
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      Originally Posted by thatjc View Post

      If you want more specific advice, you should show a link to your site. I don't even see it in your profile.

      A couple of resources I can recommend to help you learn are:
      * The various specialized forum sections right here on the Warrror forum

      Hope that helps...

      My website is still shitty tho.. I am embarrass of showing my website to you guys. let me fix it up first. BTW, thanks for the resource info. Will look into it.
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    Sharing your website url in Google plus, Facebook, Twitter and other social media can help you to index your site faster.
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    Try google adwords ppc, facebook ads or yahoo bing to get targeted traffic to get sales conversions.
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    Whenever a site of mine is sluggish getting indexed I keep adding new, high quality content. I ping after I add an article. I add one or two articles a day until it gets indexed. Then I relax a little. Sometimes indexing happens same day other times it takes weeks.
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    Any other ways to let search engines pickup my website fast?
    The easiest way is to post all informative content and building quality backlink. Also don't forget about social media.
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    Hi kimmokia

    You said you want to find your website on the first page of Google and that you used your meta keywords.

    No offense, but it sounds like you think that your website will just jump to the first page of Google really quickly. Getting your website to show up in search results for your keywords takes time and a lot of backlinking.

    It would be a good idea find a good thread about SEO so you understand it a little better. Ranking a website is based on optimizing your website with SEO, doing keyword research, knowing how competitive the market is for your keywords etc. It takes some time to learn, But you can do it

    Find some threads on these subjects i mentioned and learn as much as you can about them.

    Good Luck kimmokia

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    Have you submitted all your sites to as many search engines as possible?
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      Originally Posted by the_secret_movie View Post

      Have you submitted all your sites to as many search engines as possible?
      Erm.. by submitting, do you mean ping to search engines? I did the ping, only yahoo and msn search engines managed to find my website, no luck with Google.
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