Would you ever outsource product creation?

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I have some good ideas for potential products.

The thing is would I be able to get my ideas across enough to make a good product if I outsourced say the writing, or making of it?

Anyone outsourced a product or WSO before?

If so how did it work out for you?
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    i've outsourced an ebook. turned out to be really good. i think if it's a ebook, you just check references and previous work. i like using current authors to write my books.
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    Clickbank is full of rehashed products. Have you ever bought a product that has a totally different voice than the person on the sales page? The majority of the "gurus" outsource their product creation and make a killing doing it. Just make sure it is accurate and worth selling.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    i used odesk. and sometimes i go to Amazon and check the Kindle section. those ppl are motivated for extra cash in my opinion.
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    You need to really think about the fact that a person good enough to give you a product you would attach your name to is likely good enough to realize they will make far more selling the product on their own than selling their time to you.

    This can change based upon the "celebrity status" of the marketer as the product creator may see that the other person can market something they cannot on their own. Kind of like a song writer selling his songs to big name singers.

    Can it be done? Yes. Is it likely to work for the average person? No.

    Better that you create the product outline at a minimum and then get some help filling in the details.

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    I've done some of this and will in the future. You might want to do a "true" JV with another warrior and come out with a product together. The other person could do the product creation if you could pull your weight in marketing and sales.

    In terms of outsourcing to create something like an application, I'd definitely recommend finding a solid vendor through odesk, guru or other freelance site. Go with someone that has great ratings, you'll be fine.
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    I have used Odesk in the past and it worked great in my opinion very competitive pricing. You some cases you get example of their prior work, I have had a good experience with them.
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    Hi Fitmarketer,

    You can outsource the graphics, and do the other work by yourself.

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    Personally I would never outsource product creation as I am trying to build myself as my brand. What this means to me is that I will want all of my content to be self written. That way I am in full control over it and able to give it my personal touch.
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    I would recommend the Warriors For Hire section on this forum.
    You also have a choice other than WF,
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    Product creation can be outsourced and you can get amazing results from doing it. I would never do it though. I wouldn't feel comfortable hiring someone to put out a product then call it mine.

    The only things I would outsource regarding product creation is editing, graphics, programming. The meat of the content itself, will always come from me.
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      Originally Posted by Art of Marketing View Post

      Many top marketers have done it and still do. Just like anything else content can be modified and individualized.

      If "top marketers" are simply handing off the creation to an out source person, then there can only be 1 of 2 results:

      1. The content is not truly "top marketer" content - if it's created by a "non-top marketer", how could it be top marketer content?

      2. The out source person IS a top marketer - And if this were the case, why would they sell their time to someone else to make them rich instead of doing it themselves?

      You can out source "components" of your product creation, but you better be the brains behind the actual product or its unlikely that you'll end up with anything considered a "top marketer" quality product.

      For example, you can hire a programmer to build a software product for you, that you have defined, but don't expect to hire a programmer that can give you a product that they have defined.

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    If you think that you're not really good with your product creation then find someone who can work it for you. There's a lot of freelancer website all around the web like odesk, freelancer, elance and many more. You can also find someone from warrior forum that can help you on your project. Just post a thread in the Members Looking to Hire You section and specify your project requirements.
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    It's absolutely possible to outsource your product creation but. for many people, making something out of nothing is way more satisfying and almost more important than making any money from it.

    So it all depends on your goals and what you find fulfilling.

    Everyone is different and neither way is more correct than the other.



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      Yes cause I have poor english.
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    I'm a software developer and I think that as soon as you can afford it you should outsource. Your time is money and if you want to scale your operation you have to outsource.

    The biggest problem is finding a good outsourcer, I'm lucky I have a couple of really good guys that I trust, they may be more expensive but their work is quality.
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    I always outsource the graphics. Lot's of people will do it way cheaper than my time is worth to me.

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    My suggestion is if you are able to create the product yourself, do so. This will help you brand your product with your voice, personality, thoughts etc. At the end of the day your brand is what will help you stand out from the others in your market.

    If you need help with certain areas of your creation, then by all means outsource the areas you are not skilled in. Never outsource your entire product.always have your hands in the mix!

    Marc Bell
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    Originally Posted by NataliaF View Post

    Look through the samples to feel the style and tone of writing. However, make sure you explain all the related details before a person starts working on your project.
    If you need any help with writing, consider http://contentsia.com/. I am a copywriter and the owner of this website. I work alone and do not outsource work to other writers.
    i checked your website (i'm looking for possible help with writing also but i googled this name and found trademark on Las Vegas CONTENTSIA - Trademarks411, Trademark Search Made Simple (not contentsia.com trademark but some other peoples)
    and contact / About pages no have any kind of details of the company who is behind it... What is your opinion fellow warriors, anyone use their services? My apologies to Natalia if my post is too harsh, just looking some information for this as i need this service.
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    If you do outsource the content, make sure its high quality. The higher the quality the better the book. A lot of guru's and big name marketers outsource a lot. Yes find someone who can writer damn good, it will pay off.
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    Yes, Ive done this with good success, mostly cause I outsourced to local people I could personally interview and follow up with.
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    I haven't yet, but it seems like a good idea if you find yourself a ghostwriter with a good rep.
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  • Product creation is the very thing I wouldn't outsource. I feel it's important to leave your personal print in your products in order to build a strong connecting with your customer.
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    You can outsource, but no matter the testimony and work the person has done just have your terms that describe what is acceptable or not. Because anything can happen at anytime they only savior might be the your term you gave the person.
    I'm talking out of experience.

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    The best place to find a writer/editor is the Warriors for Hire section in this forum as you'll find many of us advertise there. You'll get a better idea of experience and track record. The bidding sites are often full of people who produce sub-standard work and you'll have to spend more time trying to find the right person for your work.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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      One approach is to create a report or ebook yourself but outsource the writing part:

      1.Research/design/sketch out your product.

      2.Record the product onto a voicerecorder or your PC.

      3.Go to an outsourcing site and get it transcribed into the report.

      4.Use the MP3 recording as another product or as an added bonus for people listen to in the gym.
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    I think creating products are easy - especially information products. I wouldn't outsource product creation. The most i would do is hire someone to create content. But the product itself, nope.
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    Does web design count as "product" creation? Am actually a web designer AND also a reseller so I outsource my "product creation" all the time. My system is pretty simple: If i have time and it's a simple theme-based website, I use WP themes and I design the project myself. BUT the client needs a mobile responsive website, then I outsource it.

    So if I can do it and have time for it, I do it.
    If I can't do it I outsource it.

    I just think this kind of mentality applies, even when it comes to digital products like ebooks. just my two cents.

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