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by Shza
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Hey everyone. I'm about to get into internet marketing full time and I have a question for those of you who are already in the game making a living doing this:

Aside from Health Insurance, do you also cover yourself with Permanent Disability Insurance as well? If so, which provider? Since you are self-employed, I've always wondered how it would work if you become permanently disabled and can't go back and make money for yourself?

Thanks for any input you may have!
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      I use AFLAC believe it or not. They have some very affordable plans that cover the basics to extensive stuff, depending on what you are willing to pay.

      But I don't have PERMANENT disability, just regular stuff that would constitute a few days out.

      But as a Small Biz Owner, I should probably have more coverage, but I figure if I am disabled enough to not be able to sit at a computer....I will have bigger issues than not being able to make money.
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    Thanks Keith. You make a good point. Any others that can provide some input as well?
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  • How would one manage to become permanently disabled while internet marketing?
    You lean back a bit too far on your office chair causing you to fall backwards pulling your mouse with you, of which the cord wraps around your neck and cuts off the circulation to your brain leaving you in a permanent vegetative state?
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    File your business as an "inc" and get QuickBooks and setup pay roll. THEN... Set yourself up to get a pay check, in effect hiring yourself.

    Next, withhold all taxes you would for any other employee, because at this point, you ARE an employed - for the company which you own.

    You know - with hold all taxes, deductions that would be with held from any employee.

    NOW.... file al your quarterly taxes ontime and properly.

    This keeps your social security on check, allows for things like disability and unemployment (should your company fold) and other things.

    You can also add health insurance through your company too if you like.

    This is the ONLY way to do it PROPERLY (assuming you're in the US) and is how I do it.
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