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Long time ago I have created a mini-biography of Arthur Conan Doyle ( you know who that is). I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes so had this idea to write this. It is completely unique and in my own words. I have posted this on a free webhosting service soon after completion. The thing is that the site is not getting any traffic and I don't have the time nor any intention to increase traffic. So my question is how I can go on to make some money from it. Sell it to someone perhaps? I am also doubtful whether the content will stay unique since it is already posted.
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    Who would be interested in a mini-biography of Arthur Conan Doyle?

    Is there a group of people who would be interested enough to pay money for this?

    Is there anything unique about your mini-biography that would make it different from any other biography?

    Honestly, my instinct is that you're going to have a very hard time selling this since it doesn't appear to solve any direct problems (except for possibly a historian or academic...?).


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    was kind of thinking the same thing there Urban...No solution, might attact some specific but not much but what the hey dress it up some and who knows!

    This looks to be one of the finest opportunities in recent memory to capitalize on an exclusive product almost everyone enjoys

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    Well as said above,no one will buy article relaed to biography but you can write some unique articles and sell them to Ghostbloggers or to Constant content. Both of these sites are awesome. You can earn upto $75 for one article depending upon the length and grammar of that article.
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    I posted a list of article buying directories. It may be worth a try for you!
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