Are you making the most of Google Suggest yet?

by Jim B. 4 replies
Hello my friends,

I don't know about you, but I love Google Suggest. I'm sure you've noticed it by now; whenever you type in a search term at Google, it automatically suggests related search terms to you.

It got me thinking: how can I personally use Google Suggest, today?

1. In terms of SEO: I can type in a keyword - for example "make money" - and Google gives me (in this case) 10 related and more specified keywords. It's probably easier to rank well for those in stead because more specified = less competing web sites.

2. In terms of marketing / name branding / competition research: going through all 11 search terms - if we use the above example - will give you a pretty good overview of who's doing well in your market and you can now research what they're doing, how they're doing it, do link exchanges and post on their blogs to get backlinks, request to be a guest author on their site or blog, look for potential partners, etc.

3. Obviously, the same search results will also give you an idea of where your potential customers are hanging out! If they're not coming to your site, then this might give you ideas to change that. You might need to target different keywords, you might need to get 'out there' more and be more visible for your market. Etc.

3. I'm thinking this will have implications for PPC marketers as well, but this is not my area of expertise and I won't pretend that it is. I'm sure there will be articles and special reports on this topic shortly so if this interests you be on the lookout for those.

So for sure Google Suggest can be a valuable tool.
You should really consider how you get the most out of it and use it to your benefit.

Google has a FAQ page up at Google Suggest FAQ

Hope you found this useful.

Until next time,
Jim B.
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