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I am just wondering if this will work at all, but for my business I run 4 stores in the south of the UK & these stores are e-cig stores, we do well but I just clicked that our online website does have an opt-in newsletter list that we have actually never used! To be honest I completely forgot it was there, but I went and looked and we have over 700+ emails, names, phone numbers.

Is there anything I could do with this list outside of my business to be able to make some money? Like sell ads to this email list etc? I just have no idea how to go about it?

These are obviously interested customers in the stop smoking niche so there must be something we could do?

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    As an e-cig user myself (sometimes, I suck at quitting ) I would think that something along the lines of an affiliate based product on quitting (as it relates to the e-cigs) would work. Or, better yet, create your own product that interviews people that have used an e-cig to successfully quit.

    Outside of the stop smoking niche is out of the question for this list, but you could certainly begin to monetize some of the subscribers.

    You have a list of subscribers with a DESIRE to do something, I would certainly take advantage of it. Could be something as simple as just upselling them more product. They must need more of something to do with the product (ie: liquid)

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    Try to sell them e-crack or e-booze
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    People who want to stop smoking could be interested in other self-help type stuff or health related stuff. Test out by sending out some offers or information and see how the response is.
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