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How would you monetize shittyadvice.com?:rolleyes:
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    LOL ... try to get some good advice ads in between the shitty ones .. ;-)
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    Well I'm assuming you should give your visitors what they came for, shitty advice!:rolleyes::p
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      1. Make a bunch of funny videos (the more effort put into them the better) and upload to youtube. Put your link in description.

      2. ???

      3. Profit!

      Note: Don't forget to put relevant ads on the website!
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    most likely just an entertaining site that earns money from selling ad space
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      Toilet roll comparison website. You have to test 'em all first though :p

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    Lol the first line of your site should read "you should come to this website often".
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    Originally Posted by the french newbie View Post

    How would you monetize shittyadvice.com?:rolleyes:
    I like the toilet paper website...BUT if you want to do something worthwhile...try this

    There is so much contradictory information online for IM. Debunk and give your best advise. Invite Gurus in all the diciplines to do a video interviews... do it well and G will love you.
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    I think either an entertainment website, or talk about some programs that don't work. Like all the money making schemes and stuff that obviously don't work. Put in some programs or information that does work.

    Check out my blog and get a free gift!!

    Fly with Jaebek Lifestyle

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    I'd start a site for all the daft, stupid, ignorant, ridiculous, shitty advice give by doctors.
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    • Lol...:p

      All of your advices are very good! Keep going! Lol!

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    I would make a site giving shitty advice! It will get popular, try and get it viral on facebook?
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    How to monetize? Give money to your visitors!
    That's obviously a shitty advice :p
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    LOL - never mind monetizing it - sell it.

    Let someone else monetize it.


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    Have a contest for worst advice ever. Pearls of wisdom such as:

    1. I am sure he will change for the better after the two of you marry.
    2. He has learned his lesson and he won't do that again.
    3. Friend, you can trust me.
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    Give good advice.
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    Start by reinstating the suspended account
    "Hybrid Method" Gets 120,846 TARGETED VISITORS
    To Any Site in ANY NICHE!

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    You could use memes and jokes for traffic then monetize with ads and CPA offers.

    Like the "Bad Advice Cat" meme

    Bad Advice Cat | Know Your Meme

    You know what can save your relationship? A baby!

    Don't have enough money to pay the bills? Stop paying them! Eventually they'll stop coming.

    Want to look cool? Start smoking!

    Can't afford it? Get another credit card!

    You can make your own "Bad Advice Cat" meme here:
    Bad Advice Cat Meme Generator Template

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    The Darwin awards for advice. "That cape will really help you fly!" "Start running towards it. Mountain Lions are calm". Sell ads to humor sites. Monetize with merchandise with sayings. Write books (like the onion)...
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    1. Upload some funny pictures/Videos.
    Theme: Problems we daily face, you generate memes for solutions to those (Obviously trolling, might be poor jokes even.)

    2. Make it funny enough. Hire someone, some facebook troll page admin to assist you with it, plus get a page to promote your stuff or more.

    3. Also include prominent news, trending ones to get traffic. Remember all you need is traffic.

    4. Rank it well, get regular visitors, sell it.
    The domain itself is funny, please fags on facebook who've nothing better to do would buy it for "Lulz".

    *Geez, what I said sounds so irritating. Would work though.*
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    I'd make it a social media focused site with easily shareable memes that contain... shitty advice.
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    Take some of the advice from this thread.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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