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I'm just wondering whether "Squidoo" has the ability to drive laser targeted traffic to your main site or not?
If YES, do you guys mind to share it with me?
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    I use it occasionally for backlinks but have had zero success in terms of traffic or search engine rankings despite some very low competition keywords. I think that the thing about Squidoo is that it takes quite a bit of effort (back linking, social bookmarking etc etc) to get your page indexed and to rank.

    I find hubpages to be much better but there are so many limitations in terms of promotional hubs that I struggle to get click throughs to my sites. Great for backlinks though (if you get a hub score of greater than 70 of course).

    IMHO don't spend too much time on Squidoo - better off posting to Ezine or your own blog or site.


    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    Squidoo does rank well in search engines and drive traffic. I have seen squidoo rank in Google's first page.

    Go to Google and search for blog mastermind review (this is not my product). The fourth result is squidoo (again, this lens is not mine). So it still has the power to rank well in SE.

    1. Create a lens with your main keyword.

    2. Add your main keyword as your first tag.

    3. Create a couple of text modules with the keyword.

    4. Link to the page where you want to drive traffic to, in all modules.

    5. Now social bookmark it in few site.

    6. Find Do Follow links and get some links to your lens for your anchor text.

    This should help your lens get to the first page of Google.

    But this is not a guarantee. There are other factors like competition for the keyword, the quality of articles (keyword density) and a couple more.

    Overall this strategy should work.

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    Laser targeted traffic?

    I won't say this... unless if you promote your lens like your own website, or you make it in the top 3 lenses.

    Squidoo is good for backlinks though. Plus they are not restrictive like hubpages.

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    I use squido for backlinks and have to say it is working ok, but it could better.
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