What about ClickBank nicknames?

by Craig Mattice 2 replies
I've been looking around at different affiliate marketing sites and links. I currently have a ClickBank account where my Nickname (Account Name) is cmattice. I question if I shouldn't change it so my first initial and last name aren't all over the net, (is that really a bad thing), or should I change it for marketing/identity reasons?

What would you suggest based on your knowledge and experiences?
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    It's not a big deal unless you want to be secretive and you don't want people to know what you are selling/promoting etc.

    A lot of people use different anonymous names so nobody knows who they are.
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    It's good to use something that sounds similar to what you are promoting. IMO it makes the aff link look somewhat like it's a legit link. Say you are mainly promoting weight loss products. Go with an aff ID something that is similar sounding - fat loss or weight loss in your ID. if you are promoting various niches, go with something that suits them all - using words success, ebooks, system, etc. But you can use anything you want - your name, your cat name, your phone number, etc. it doesn't really make a big difference


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