Need a reliable backlink/blog network supplier

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I need a supplier who can supply backlinks in bulk on quality, authoritative private blog networks that are in the PR2-PR4 range. Preferably PR3-4. This needs to be on an ongoing basis and would need to be able to supply a lot of links.

Right now my current supplier charges $3 per link, which is a pretty decent price for now, but they purchase from a supplier who charges them somewhere between $0.30 - $0.50 per link. I am looking to reduce my backlink overhead.

Is there Anybody who can supply links on PR2-3-4 private blog networks for a competitive price? I have so many websites that need link work on a monthly basis that I could keep you busy for months.

PM me with your details if you can supply on a on-going basis. Also PM me with any questions.
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