April and May Slow Months?

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April and May are always slow for my online business. Does anyone else have the same problem?
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    No, I am always booked up with more work than I want. I'm a copywriter. If it did get slow I would just work on my own projects.

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    Same as you Enfusia. I've got more work now than ever before and I love it!
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    Lucky. I do well in the first quarter.
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    Actually, during spring we see a slow down during the month of june. I call it the summer sag. Oh yes, there is a slight slow down in may. However, it gets worse as we move in summer. Perhaps it is the heat wave. Later on, things start to pick back up. Get ready for a lot of work in October when the season kicks in. Of course, most of my sales are in xmas season. This explains why I love to do promos like the super summer savings.
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      I sell custom golf clubs and guess what, it is golf season


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    Every niche has its peaks.

    I do a lot of dating, and it kills in the winter. Summer rolls around and it slows down as more people stay out away from their computers, but with the shift in mobile, its quickly apparent that mobile dating traffic can shoot up!
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    The last 4 weeks has been quieter than normal for me but in the last few days it has jumped which I needed. My first quarter was my best ever.

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    I do agree with the post above that it depends on your niche because some niches also have their off season like fruits. Say if your having a sloppy period it doesn't mean that you're already slow, you just need to prepare for the next period and work things right.
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    what type of business you have? if it is for winter clothing, then i am not sure that you will be on the peak at this time of season
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    Erm it is working normally for me as I am constantly looking for new customers. I think it will be dependent on the kind of business that you are doing. If you are in a generic market that is profitable, there should not be any drop in sales if you are taking consistent action to market the business.
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    May has been VERY slow for me. I have no idea why. I think I made less this month than ever before.
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      Originally Posted by timbonitus View Post

      May has been VERY slow for me. I have no idea why. I think I made less this month than ever before.
      Scale up. Start project that only work in april and may or something. Like Easter and stuff. Just keep it busy and keep earning
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    April was slower for me this year, I could not remember what happened last year. But May is good so far...
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    Summer is always slow months for internet businesses. People are graduating, going on vacations, summer breaks, spending more time outside, yada yada. It's normal.
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    This happens every year. We drop about 60% in revenues during this time.
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    What's your online business?

    For Kindle and Createspace sellers, May - September are the slowest months for making sales because people just don't buy as many books during the summer.
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    My affiliate sales are not particularly cyclical. Adsense, however, tends to dive after the first couple months of the year.
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    I have actually noticed and increase.

    Due to the struggling economy (dik wit governments are telling us different) I am able to get lower costs for paid and other advertising, which means I can get more traffic, and more subscribers for less.

    Say no more :-)

    Use this economy downturn as a positive. Not a negative.
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