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so, when i'm writing emails, web copy, articles, and anything else my prospects will see.. i usually have one main goal in mind:

**make the sale

but i also focus on another goal, that's secondary... but almost as important
in my eyes.

** Leave my reader better off and a little bit happier than they were BEFORE reading my stuff.

in other words... I want my reader to get something of value in return for
taking the time to read my sales letter, article, email, etc...

i do this by offering up incredibly useful and valuable information the reader can use, right away, to see a result they want.

in other words... instead of relying on hype or fluff to sell... i simply give them
what they're looking for.

but not all of it. just a nice sample.

I call it the Costco method of selling

you've seen those sample stations set up throughout the store... where the store employees are giving away free samples of food?

they do this to prove that what they're selling is pretty good.

and i try to do the same thing with my writing: leave the person a bit happier
and better off when they're done reading it.

and this includes giving away a very useful and valuable tip/technique
they can use right away.

this does a few things in your favor.

one, it proves you know what you're talking about, and sets you up as the expert.

and it also leaves the reader wanting to know more and more

and if they think to themselves "wow, if they're giving this away, i can only imagine what's in their paid stuff"

and like what Robert Cialdini mentions in his book "Influence"... the law of reciprosity is a major motivator.

if someone gives you something, you feel almost compelled to do something for them.

so, all of these things add up to why i like putting a very valuable tip/technique in my copy/articles/emails that the reader can use right away.

for example, if you sell a fitness program... give the reader a tip they can use to lift heavier weights or lose a few pounds right away.

if you're selling an acne product, show the reader one tip they can use to get clearer skin.

don't give away the farm, but just give something of value.

this will help your sales, trust me.

How many times have you read an email, sales letter, or article and afterwards you thought "this taught me nothing... it was just hype and hot air"

and did you rush out to buy what they were promoting?


but what if you read a sales letter/article/email that had a really incredible and useful tip they just give you... and you go out and try it, and it works.

Aren't you more likely to return and buy other stuff?

doing this, over time, if how you create raving fans/a following... and what Seth Godin calls "your tribe"

That's exactly why one of my big mottos is...

"leave someone a bit happier and better off when they're done reading your stuff than they were before they started"
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    Completely agree with you. Helping people is one of the best ways to add value to the relationship and increase your chances for a sale. Btw, also great example of Costco - never thought about it that way.
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    Right on the money, thanks. I was doing public seminars to publicize my advertorials business. (Google, BTW is cracking down on advertorial content soon.) I decided to start launching a toolkit to help other offline marketers do what I was doing. When you have the interest of others as your priority, they help you at every turn. It feels good to help others, too!

    And last week I started working on giving more free advice and helping affiliates because it was an area where I was not doing enough. Thanks, again, Shawn - Shelley Owens

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    Helping people, yes.

    I once helped a forum member (not this forum) set something up, completley free of charge. She then went and bought both of my products a day later costing her over $150.

    Don't chase the money, and the money will chase you.
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    Provide value, then capture their email
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    Adding value to someones life is what IM is all about...This works great with email marketing!

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    Thanks for sharing this it is like give what they want and automatically we get what we want

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    I agree, Shawn, and should follow through with this more often. This is what Frank Kern teaches, as well.

    I think a lot of us, including myself for sure, try to keep everything secret until after the sale, but the more valuable information you put out there free, the more of a credible expert you become, which leads to far more profit in the long-term.
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    This is great advice. Giving something valuable makes it more likely someone will buy from you because if you're giving away something good what you have in your paid product must be really good. It also makes you feel good. Knowing that you helped someone out.

    Check out my blog and get a free gift!!

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      That's exactly how I felt - as if I were giving away my secrets. But, hey, what good are your secrets if, by keeping them, you're losing half of your market.

      I started small, adding blog posts with content that complement my eBooks. Now I'm working on infographics and vids. I just really felt I had dropped the ball on helping affiliates and the community and this makes me feel as if I'm moving in the right direction. Shelley Owens

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    I have emails where I practically give away the whole system then say "you could probably go away right now and do this because i've given you all the information you need but if you want a blueprint to follow step by step then consider grabbing a copy of X".

    Works quite well.
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    Excellent post. Giving real value is how to succeed in any area of life, not just marketing.

    As Henry Ford said :

    "The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed."
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    if there's one tip I give clients, marketers, students, copy cubs... etc...
    it's this:

    ALWAYS try to be your client. Always try to put yourself in your clients's
    shoes... or more specifically... mindset.

    So... doing that... who would you most likely trust and buy from?

    someone who gives you a ton of useful, valuable content for

    or someone who just sells with hype and baseless fluff?

    The more adjectives in your copy... the worse off it probably is.

    and the more times you say "I" in your copy... the worse off it is.

    Start trying to see your offer/product from your prospect's perspective and
    you'll probably make your marketing a bit different.
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    Classic list building technique as well. Provide something for free to get them on your list, then keep providing value and they will keep buying from you as a trusted source.
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    what is the saying, do not chase money, give people value and poeple will chase you with their money.

    SO i totally agree. this works hands down.
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