As if I wasn't frustrated enough today,

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NOW I cannot log into Wordpress. Is anyone else having this problem today? I didn't change anything!

I might just be done with WP. It's enough to do all the work IM requires, who needs to be so frustrated with the CMS!

I had to deactivate and re-activate all plugins yesterday in order to fix some other glitch that I don't even remember. I suspect either that was the culprit or the need to do so was an early indicator that something was amiss.
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    Are you using the latest Wordpress version? Not sure why you're having wordpress problems, but I guess its a server issue or probably a conflict with your plugins.
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      I'm logging on fine.
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    Are you having trouble logging into your account AT Wordpress, or with one of your wordpress sites? Either way it should work fine. Remember that you should use caution whenever you update your plugins... definitely validate them one at a time to make sure an update of one doesn't destroy things downstream.
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    I had this problem a couple of weeks ago. Turned out my host was blocking WP Admin login because of an aggressive hack on shared hosting accounts. Contact your web host if the problem persists.

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      Thanks everyone for your replies.

      I heard the same thing regarding aggressive hacking of WP sites and subsequent temporary blocking by the Web Host. I didn't know whether or not this was true. Thanks for the confirmation.

      I gave it a couple of days. . .hopefully I will be back in today.
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