Confessions of a Newbie

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Just wondering if other newbies can relate.....I can't even imagine how many "newbies" there are working on their business ventures out there in cyber world. After being active again here at WF for about a month, I'm amazed at just how many are right here and it appears that so many of us are all thinking, wondering and doing the same thing.

I too had been program and info-jumping for over a year, but kept thinking the next email is going to rrrreally have the answer(s) I'm looking for.

It finally dawned on me that I've got all the answers I need and it's time to TAKE ACTION.

I have enough information, but seem to be struggling with analysis paralysis or something. I'm on Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ecademy, have 1,000 followers on Twitter, got viddler, EVP, blogspot, wordpress, a ning network, a ton of PLR products, CB, CJ, WP, countless opt-ins, (& opt-outs!) etc... a little bit of everything but a whole lot of nothin'! Talk about spinning your wheels!

I feel like I deserve a newbie promotion, just for the willingness to learn. lol And when is a newbie no longer a newbie....once you make $? Is there some unspoken definition floating around, or is it something we decide for ourselves..........

All I know is my future is online and it really took watching Gary Vaynerchuk this afternoon talk about passion that the lightbulb really went on.

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    Turn off all the social networks, tweeting, email, and tv for a week and start focusing on what the first step is to make one of those things make you money.

    Been there done that - our world is insanely overloaded with info/media and you don't notice it til you turn it off and have all that quiet in your head

    Amazing what you can do then!
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    I have a suggestion.

    Think about creating value, rather than money. Create something that other people will find valuable and don't think about the money... this will take time, effort and persistence but in the end money will be the easy part.

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      Originally Posted by wbakhos View Post

      I have a suggestion.

      Think about creating value, rather than money. Create something that other people will find valuable and don't think about the money... this will take time, effort and persistence but in the end money will be the easy part.

      Good point...value in the form of some free content and building a relationship and a list, otherwise you run the risk of just irritating people with pure sales pitches.

      But however you do it, focus is key.
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        You're not alone. I"ve seen literally thousands of people who do what you were doing. Jumping from the next big thing to the next big thing. Hell there's a whole clan of internet marketers that prey on you with offer after offer and promise after promise.

        Don't fall for it. Making money online is NOT easy, it involves focus, a ton of work and committment by you. Pick one thing and do it from start to finish before even looking at anything else. You'll be shocked at what you already know and pissed at how much time you've wasted in the past not taking action.

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        Terri, As a fellow newbie I know exactly what you mean. There is so much information yet none it it seems result in sales. What I plan to do now is find a successful IM'er who will mentor me step by step. Whatever you decide to do- Good Luck
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    "Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." -Plato

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    Hi Terri:

    Welcome to the Forum. By your post it is obvious you have passion and desire.

    You'll do great! Consider yourself promoted to "Future Successful Warrior."

    Have a great Wednesday!

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    Information Overload - Was definitely what I thought when I first started, but I think everyone has to go through some of that with a little trial and error as well as a little bit of assistance from the more experienced.

    Keep on trucking. You will get through
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      Quality content = customer satisfaction = returning customers=money

      Keep your content fresh and unique and over time the quick time money makers will fall at the wayside.
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        Turn off all the "shiny objects" like social media and all that stuff.

        Stick with these steps and you will make money.

        1. find a niche that is already selling well. Clickbank, amazon, ebay can tell you what is selling.
        2. set up a squeeze page to grab leads.
        3. get some targeted adwords traffic to that squeeze page
        4. send them to an affilaite offer or you own offer right away.
        5. build a relationship with them thru your emails and blog
        6. email them everyday with something valuable

        That's all.... focus on that and you will be golden. Seriously.

        Dont overwhelm yourself with the shinny objects...
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    It is simple actually:

    You have to just find a product to sell, put it in the market, and drive targetted prospects to it.

    And remember you make money only by selling things, not buying them.

    And take one more small step each day towards driving prospects to your offer.

    Unclutch yourself from the information you have accumulated. Those are all just details of the basics.


    I am a Jack Duncan Fan!

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    USHwy129 - Thanks, that is exactly what I'm going to do. I have a week off work and look forward to no interuptions....or "shiny objects"

    Craig - Thankyou for the Promotion!!

    Thanks Warriors! I appreciate your advice and support.....
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  • I think most of us have been there at some point. For me it didn't change until I broke down my goals into a daily checklist. I make sure I finish all my tasks each day. Some days I may not get them all, but most of the time I do. By doing this you create your own momentum, pushing you towards and past your goals.
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    This is a post that I'm sure all newbies can relate to. When I started about 8 months ago I did pretty much the same thing. I was constantly jumping from one place to the other, learning a lot but subconsciously looking for the "Holy Grail" After a while I realized that I was wasting a lot of time and getting nowhere. Once I admitted that to myself I stopped everything and made a plan.

    My plan in a nutshell:
    • Decide on one thing that I wanted to start with
    • Find a mentor.
    • Follow the lessons faithfully.
    • Do not get sidetracked no matter what.
    I'm into my second month of putting this plan into action and so far, so good.

    Now it's hard to turn off your mind, especially as you are bombarded daily with different offers. Here's how I handle that. Anything that looks like it might be worth checking out, I book mark to get back to it another time. If it's time sensitive and I miss out then so be it. I think one of the most important thing to do especially for newbies is to plan your work and work your plan.
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      I have an ecourse in my sig line. It's a day by day action plan that shows you what to do, where, and why you're doing it. PM me your email and I'll sign you up. No charge. I only ask if you do sign up that you actually complete each action plan.

      FREE Pump Up Your Profits With PLR
      Are You a Writer? Then you need this FREE guide Convert Your Words to Ca$H Make Money Writing Online
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        Get the action machine and drop in your plans, start the timer an away you go, today I was working with an offline client so haven't had the chance to use it.


        Started this stuff 2009. Time is what will teach you the skills you need.

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    be careful not to get dragged down with an information overload. Put your efforts into one project until that works then build on the success.

    Best wishes
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