article marketing newbie ( very confused) HELP!

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Ok, this is what I learned.

1) I wrote my article. I then published it and get it indexed on google

2) Now I take the same exact article and published on ezinearticles without rewriting it.

This is the big question. I need help very badly.

If I publish the exact article on ezinearticles with same html format as the original article that was published on my blog. The problem is that ezinearticles doesnt allow html format.

Please help, I am confused as hell right now!
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    Easy, some platforms have different formats, some allow HTML, some don't.
    Why would you re-publish the exact same article if it got indexed on your blog?
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      That is what I heard about article marketing. People told me that I should publish my article first on my blog before sending it to ezinearticles.
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        Just remove the tags. They aren't needed for your copy on the article directories.

        And ignore the people who are about to chime in about "duplicate content." - in the typical In Before Alexa fashion.
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        Originally Posted by cancunapril50 View Post

        People told me that I should publish my article first on my blog before sending it to ezinearticles.
        They were quite right. You wouldn't want to submit "unique" (previously unpublished) content to an article directory - that would help them more than it helps you.

        You don't need the tags for the EZA copy. When you submit it there, you have the option of putting in some "keywords" for the article, if you want to. Their software will even suggest them for you, if you like. Don't worry: you'll get used to it.

        Key point: you want the copy originally published and indexed on your own site to be "the one that ranks", not the Ezine Articles copy. As long as you always publish them on your own site first, that will eventually be the outcome anyway (now that Google has decimated the article directories' SEO value, thankfully for us article marketers!), and you won't need to worry about it at all (i.e. you'll gradually be accumulating the "initial indexations" for your own property rather than giving them away unnecessarily). Google is on our side and gradually making it all easier for us.
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