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Hi all, i know you may receive a lot of questions from new people, and i'm sure there is some good posts in this forum, but since i'm new i have to ask.

First, i'll tell you a little about me, i got into IM about 2 weeks ago, at first i had no idea what it was but i loved the idea of being able to control my destiny and my time, since i have a dayjob and after that go to college it's kind of limited the free time I have, but I didn't do it just for that, but because I hate being an employee, it's like a soldier who takes orders and have to do it even if he doesn't agree. The course i did and implemented was google sniper 2, it teached me some basics (is the only course i have seeing so far) but i read it's not that effective after some google updates (panda and penguin i think) and i have experimented it with my sites, that don't rank in google (first page bing and yahoo).

About a week and a half ago i read than the content is the key, so one of my snipers was set with 10 posts of good, original content since i took a niche i had experience with (i posted 2 post at day), but I'm having a bad time getting ranked, and here comes the question: which course do you guys recommend me than is adapted to 2013, i prefer one that doesn't just focus on how to pick a niche, write a post with LSI keyword, but one than focuses on how to get ranked, i think that's my weakness.

I just want to make my goals public, wich is get a full time income from IM, i have to make US 400 per week consistently to get there ( i would be making double of what i do in my 10 hours job, since i live in the caribbean life is cheap here). I know it will take time and effort, but i'm willing to give until the last drop of my existence for freedom .

Thanks guys for reading, i know some of you have being where i am, anxious and exiting to start your IM business, and i know some of you still are so i hope this can help some starters too.

Don't worry that i am a bad writer in English, i will be making my sites in Spanish (where I'm 10 times better at since is my language) .
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    I think you should really take your time, 2 weeks or even 2 months don't mean a lot.
    I wouldn't base my strategy on something after 2 weeks intro, especially something as dynamic and versatile as marketing (or internet marketing to be specific).

    Just do your own quite trials and errors, find credible info sources, like SEOmoz and others and just keep working at it!

    Good Luck!
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    I think 2 weeks is very short for SEO.. It can take months to see the effect from google.. If you're looking to gain income in short time, you can try offer some service or maybe site flipping ( believe me, it's very easy to do.. ) while you doing that, you can do SEO for the sites that you create following gsniper2 guide for the long term project..
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      I agree with both TomGreen and Edhuu -- two weeks ins't enough time.

      Ranking in the search engine takes time. Sure you can get ranked quickly but sometimes it just doesn't happen right away.

      If you are building websites I would first focus on getting some good content up, then worry bout your rankings.

      I work with people daily on helping them build websites and getting them ranked and while I have students who get in and quickly rank and start making money right away, others may takes months to see any results. It's just how it works.

      Also, something to consider is have you came up with any goals or plans? What do you want to achieve and by when?

      How much work are you putting into it? Are you willing to put in more if it's not working?

      Before I quit my day job I put in as much time as needed. I'd work all day at my day job as a drugstore manager sometimes as much as 12 hours per day.

      But, at night I'd come home, buckle down and apply myself. You have to dedicate yourself for the long haul to have success and you have to be willing to fail. My first few websites were complete crap before I had any success.

      Create a long term plan and goal for your website and then commit to it. As long as the training you have is good,and you're putting in the effort and asking questions when you're stuck, you'll be fine.
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      Michael S Brown
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    Try some videos and socail sharing. Google seems to like these things these day. Videos with proper tagging help a ton. the ran very fast.
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    I steer people to this post if they're a registered or public member:

    If they're a War Room member, I send them here:

    The first thing you should do is get absolute clarity on what you want; out of life and out of your business. That will guide to the tough decisions you'll have to make.

    These are some of the things I wish I took to heart when I first got started oh those many years ago.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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      Wow, lots of great advice!!.

      Also, something to consider is have you came up with any goals or plans? What do you want to achieve and by when?

      How much work are you putting into it? Are you willing to put in more if it's not working?
      good questins mbrown.

      well, ultimately what i want is finantial freedom, as i said my goal is to make 400 or more per week consistently for almost 10 weeks in a row (and then i can quit my dayjob).

      i basically can dedicate 1-2 hours per day, but on weekends i can go up to 12-14 hours per day, and willing to put more work if necesary, explore new things and never give up , i'm not lazy when it comes to freedom, and right now i feel like spartacus!! .

      I like what you guys say about planning long term, but for now as i'm experimenting with this i prefer to first learn from mistakes (and courses, becouse i think i need mentoring), see what's out there and decide what i want to stick to for the future (basically the next 2 months will be my test months).

      The first thing you should do is get absolute clarity on what you want; out of life and out of your business. That will guide to the tough decisions you'll have to make.

      These are some of the things I wish I took to heart when I first got started oh those many years ago.

      wow, just brilliant the 57 Lessons Learned Over 14 Years In Internet Marketing (and i have only read about 30%), and have already opened my eyes in some topics.

      well, i have worked for about 2 years now in my dayjob, and it's kind of good, i have a cool boss and i like what i do 30% of the time (wich is more than most people say around here). But doing the same thing over and over and over again, spending about 3 hours in traffic every day, waking up at 5:00 am, not being able to make happen your own ideas over ideas of your superiors when you know by experience they can work good just becouse they didn't liked it or didn't knew enogh about the topic, and a lot of things you've most likely heard of, that's frustrating, and that's why i want to get into IM, becouse is specially about ideas and making it happen, being able to build your destiny based on the quality of your ideas, and in that, i'm 100% sure i want this.
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    I have been adding content to a new site of mine for a little over two months and I am working on back linking and I am just now starting to show up in google for a lot of my words. Some of my keywords have reached the third and fourth pages. These are very low competitive keywords too.

    So, it takes time, months and even longer if the keywords you are trying for have higher competition. The less competition for a keyword, the faster and easier it will rank and vice versa.

    That's why a lot of people here do not use google and seo as their main source of traffic.
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    The main thing for me was to start focusing on one thing at a time. As soon as you said sniper site I knew exactly what product you were inferring which in my opinion is a good product.but you have to consider the other factors like seo,backlinking,and a multitude of other tasks.I wish I could be the one to tell you it was easy,but I can't there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes.By all means keep posting fresh content to your site while you search for answers.It has taken me a few years to gather the information that I needed to get things right but I have finally got it going in the right direction.

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    Ignore all the people who are telling you two weeks isn't enough time. That's where you should start.

    $400 per week is nothing.

    Is your goal really to be a full time internet marketer? Is it to be self employed? Or is it to be a business owner? All 3 are very different.

    An internet "marketer" markets by definition. That's self employment not owning a company. If your goal is to be a business owner then theres much more that goes into it then just marketing.

    If your goal is to make $400 per week so you can get out of your job, accomplish a little something, then build from there, I'd go offline and do it. Go to the dollar store, buy $100 worth of items, sell them for $5 per item and keep banging on doors until they are all gone. If you are determined you'll have your $400 profit in one days work. That would make you your money and you would be controlling your own destiny (like you said).

    If your goal is to work full time online and you want to control your own destiny then product/service creation and delivery is really the only way to go. Affiliate marketing will not put you in control of your own destiny. You could do a great job at promoting my product but if my product sucks you're screwed!

    So if it's online you are looking for you need to create some sort of product and/or service and deliver it to the prospects within the audience. Go outside of the MMO niche. You are good at something so deliver on that. For whatever reason most people jump into IM and think that they have to promote or sell just MMO related products. This is one of the dumbest things on planet earth. Go outside MMO and focus on what you are good at as long as it's profitable.

    Now forget about everything I said and go to the dollar store. If money is your goal then that's what you should do to get on your feet and start having cash in your pocket without being tied to a desk. it works and you'll have your $400 in a day or two.
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    i would recommend build your list, don't depend on Google, if their algo changes you will lose your rankings...very unstable one, if you build your list, you can make some good money....
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    Like almost everyone has said - 2 weeks really isn't enough time to get started let alone to be getting in to SEO, most people would still wondering where to start two weeks in.

    You've got to remember that it takes time for google to pick up your site as well.

    Have you tried other traffic methods? Social media and forum marketing both work well for me - Twitter especially.

    Good luck!
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    Originally Posted by eyelighter View Post

    I hate being an employee, it's like a soldier who takes orders and have to do it even if he doesn't agree.
    That's the fire that pushes me forward every day. Being the captain of your ship is the way to go.

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    The Single most important peice of information and advice i was ever given was to get a great mentor and or coach.

    As with everything else in life of-course, make sure you research the coaches (there are loads of threads on WF regarding this) and find out how they have helped people, how reliable they are, what type of coaching methods they use etc.

    good luck,

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