Payoneer contact numbers not working

by Jon Patrick 4 replies
Is anybody else having this issue? The numbers connect me to their automated customer support menu, but no matter what option I choose after "customer service," the call disconnects. I've tried multiple times on multiple different phones.

Any Payoneer reps around here, by any chance? I would love to hear from you.

Update: It seems to be working now; I was able to get into the customer service queue.

Update #2: Never mind, it's not working. After waiting several minutes for the queue to count down until it was my turn to speak with a customer service rep, there was no rep. Instead, I was prompted to leave a voicemail and told they would get back to me within two days. Out of curiosity, I then called back and tried using the option to report a lost or stolen card, with the same result.

I was set on using Payoneer before, but I need to know someone will be able to answer my call if something is going on with my account. This involves a decent amount of weekly revenue from one of my businesses. Somebody needs to be available or I can't proceed in good conscience.

But if someone from Payoneer can give me a direct line so that I can ask my questions and have a way to contact them in the future, I will go ahead and sign up. If it's a number you don't want on a public forum, you can send me a Private Message.
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