Favorite Video Editing Software?

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What is your favorite video editing software?

I'm looking for something advanced but intuitive and easy to use.

Thanks Warriors!
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    Try "Cyberlink Power Director". It's simple and easy to use.
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  • Mikey,

    Personally I’m partial to Adobe Premiere pro. I’m not sure its very intuitive but there are a ton of tutorials out there for it which is part of why I like it. That being said I don’t have much experience with anything else equal to it or more advanced than that. Another cool thing about is that you can do a month subscription for about 50 dollars.

    There are some other suggestions in this thread,

    What is the best and most intuitive video editing software? - Yahoo!7 Answers


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    Really depends on what I'm doing - if it's a screen capture then I edit right in Camtasia, if it's a quick capture with minimal editing (cutting, title page & music for example) then I use Windows Live Movie Maker (as a Windows user). For more complicated edits I have Sony Vegas, but honestly rarely have to go into it anymore.

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    +1 for both Sony Vegas and +1 for Adobe Premiere.

    Premiere is much more expensive and Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum has some really sweet features for the price-point... Makes creating time-lapse videos and video slideshows very easy.

    Sony also offers a free trial, so if you want to jump in and start playing around to see if it indeed fits your needs, there is no risk or cost in doing so.
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    I am a fan of Adobe Premier, or when I need to do something simple and quick, iMovie believe it or not.

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    Simple screencast tutorials I use Camtasia.

    For anything more complicated I use Sony Vegas.
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    Try Pinnacle Studio. With Pinnacle Studio can handle almost any video file type.
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    Camtasia for screencasts and Sony Vegas for the rest (free trial available).

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    Mine is Camtasia Studio.

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    I use Adobe Premier for my videos and Camtasia for screencasts.

    Adobe products aren't the easiest to figure out for beginners, but there are so many tutorials and books to use that it shouldn't really be an excuse anymore. You can start doing most basic things in Premier after watching a couple 10 min YouTube videos.

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    Techsmith Camtasia Studio

    Full Functioning month Long Demo.

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    I suggest camtasia since this is easy to use compare to the other video editing software.

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    hey Mikey, another cool video editing suite is Magix Movie editor pro, you can do some pretty fancy stuff with it and you can get it for about $100.
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    I have both adobe premiere and sony vegas. However, my favorite is corel video studio x6 pro. It has a stabilizer that gets rid of a shaky camera. Like wow, this is so super. Also, it handles 4K cine. That is 4000p movies from the hero black 3 go pro.

    BTW, adobe premier is a pain. However, you get the entire abobe suite for $599 for one year. Well, that is good for a pro. Most of us already use photo shop and dream weaver.
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    Premiere all the way.

    Also, Camtasia is an excellent choice if you're doing screencasts or quick videos. It's a very straightforward program. Premiere is definitely a more in-depth program.
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