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I need to start article marketing, but how and where?
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    Hi Nicolas,

    It's a very good idea, if you can produce high-quality articles, by which relevant publishers (webmasters in your niche, and ezine/newsletter owners in your niche) are sufficiently impressed to want to share them with their own subscribers, visitors and readers. You can get floods of highly targeted traffic that way.

    Two "key concepts" to understand very clearly ...

    (i) Article marketing isn't primarily about SEO: it's a traffic-generation method in its own right which transcends search engine traffic (though there can also be some good, additional SEO benefits from it, if you go about it the right way);

    (ii) Article marketing isn't about how many articles you have: it's about who reads them. The skill (apart from writing the articles, of course!) is in getting them published in the places where the traffic you want to attract to your site is already looking (getting them published in places where you can "just submit them on your own", whether they're directories or Web 2.0 sites, is of far more limited - if any - value).

    Here's a one-post summary of "how to write the articles" (or how to instruct your writer to write them, if you're buying them).

    Here's a one-post summary of "how to get them published in the right places".

    Here's a one-post summary of "how to ask people to publish them".

    Here's a one-post overview of "how article marketing works".

    And this little thread is an overview of "how article directories work".

    Plenty of starting material there, I think ... and good luck.

    PS - last little point - when you see hundreds and hundreds of people here saying "it doesn't work any more", they're all absolutely right but what they're describing isn't actually article marketing at all - it's "article directory marketing" (i.e. trying to use article directories for their own backlinks and/or their own traffic). That really doesn't work - and there are good and valid reasons for that (briefly, article directory marketing was only ever based on a fundamental misunderstanding about how article directories work, but it's rather a widespread misunderstanding!).
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      Read them threads, they answer your question in depth.
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