Any No Brainer Online Marketing?

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IM is definitely booming, and more people are jumping on IM in the hope of making millions. But the sad truth is, in the information age and competition and the nature of the search engines, majority of the work in IM requires a lot of mental thinking. Be it for content creation, analysis or your marketing strategy.

What are some online marketing related work you do that that doesn't require a lot of thinking from your part. You know how the food business is, right? You learn the recipe, you rinse and repeat until everything becomes automatic and you get paid. But the IM world is dynamic, the recipe keeps changing. Any ideas of advice for the ones who likes to stick to the same recipe... at least for a while.
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    Originally Posted by roosevelt View Post

    What are some online marketing related work you do that that doesn't require a lot of thinking from your part.

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    Well most people here just outsource.
    If your thinking that you can be able to survive in this niche with those kind of traits and wants and if this was a food pyramid you will be at the bottom than the planktons.
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    Thank you for that image, John... effing hilarious.

    Outsourcing everything is an option...

    Keyword research, WordPress development, on-page optimization are all super simple once you learn the recipe. And, if your following simple best practices the recipe does not really change that much.

    It is people looking for shortcuts who seem to think the recipe changes all the time, but content marketing works as good for us today (if not better) as it did when we first started and we aren't doing anything different.
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    My advice is live a life of curiosity.

    Become interested in how to adapt, adjust, & thrive.

    If you know ahead of time that the world of internet marketing is in perpetual flux, embrace it by expecting that tomorrow is going to look different than today.

    I can't think of many other careers that keep us so interested because of the rapid changes that occur - even when the core business fundamentals stay in tact.

    Change, in life, is inevitable.

    Accept it in your life and your business and wake up tomorrow hungry to tackle something new and different.

    You don't have a choice anyway.
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    Basically, SEO. That's the best long term method.
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    Johnny's response is the best one.

    Actually, the OP is waaay off base. Completely wrong, in fact.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but his statements illustrate a lack of knowledge of the fundamentals.

    Technology DOES change -- and at an ever-increasing speed, it seems. There IS a steep learning curve in IM.

    But even in IM, one must master the fundamentals, which never change, namely:

    1. Choose a niche.
    2. Choose a target market.
    3. Choose a product or service.
    4. Build a list.
    5. Stay in regular communication with them (via e-zine, audio and video -- even direct mail!) Lead with VALUE! Give them information and resources relevant to their problems and interests.
    6. Make offers! (Sell 'em something.)

    That's it!

    As successful entrepreneurs know, success is just doing the right things (and there are just a few of them) over and over again.

    Yes, there are 101 ways to market your business. But 1) you can't do all 101 and 2) not all of them will be effective for you anyway. So choose the top 5 most effective ones for you and repeat them over and over again. Period.

    This most often means sticking with the most tried and true methods and slowly and cautiously adding new ones as new technologies come out. Don't be the first to jump on the bandwagon of every new thing that comes out. Let others spend their precious time and resources testing it and figuring it out. When they've got it figured out THEN use it (if it makes sense for you).

    Alvinchua91 is also way off base. SEO is NOT the most effective marketing method.

    Google is always changing it's algorithms and can leave your site with NO traffic or income in a heartbeat. And there's no guarantee that Google will be the go-to search engine next year.

    Personally, I don't want my business to be that vulnerable. Yes, I use SEO, but it's towards the bottom in my top 10.

    If I'm actively reaching out and partnering with others in my market (JVs), doing direct mail, speaking, teleseminars/webinars, etc. then I'm in a much safer position if/when Google makes drastic changes (or ceases to exist).

    And building my own list of active, engaged subscribers gives me the ability to generate traffic and business on demand.

    Yes, be smart about SEO so you can be found. But don't obsess about it.

    Technology is always changing and so is the market. There is no "set it and forget it" in business. If that's what you're looking for, quit now.

    But you CAN develop systems that help you work very efficiently and that automate a lot of things and free up your time.

    "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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