How to get proof on how a list was generated for solo ads.

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I'm watching ViperChill's Cloud blueprint series ( CloudBlueprint: Traffic ) and he makes the point that you need to ask the sellers of solo ads for proof on how their list was generated. However, he doesn't say how to do that and what to look for.

So how do you get proof from a solo ad seller that their list is legit and what are the things you are looking for to make sure it's a good list?
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    How is that even possible?
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    You might ask the seller about this, what he used for a capture page for example, if he had a capture form on a blog or website, etc. Also what traffic sources he used. But then again you need to decide whether you can trust the information. Other than that I wouldn't know how to get proof.

    Maikel Michiels
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    I would make sure your offer hasn't been sent to the list in question already.

    I would also make sure that the clicks you receive are based off of unique clicks and not raw clicks. If they are unique clicks than you can be assured that if 120 clicks are delivered then 120 unique individuals saw your offer. A raw click can be the same person clicking on your URL seven times - that could be seven clicks. Get clarification.

    It's also good to know how often the Solo Ad provider emails their list - once or twice a day and that list may be burned out. It never hurts to ask.
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    I sell solo ads and I've been asked about how I build my list, but not for proof, and honestly, I can't think of how I would prove it.

    But more importantly are the results of the solos and the testimonials from other marketers you know, or know of, that will help pick who to buy from. I also look at the dates of the testimonials if they're on WF.

    Like anything else with traffic, you need to track and test results.
    Ask good sellers for referrals to other sellers.
    Ask people who have bought solos who they bought from and if they were good, etc.

    There are some WSO's that have case studies with lists of sellers and the results.

    Most solo ads can be found in the Classified section of the WF. (A lot of people still don't know that.)

    I think most solo sellers that I know would say they only proof you need are the results you get. A lot of people buy a small solo to test and then go from there. Make sure you have a really good landing page to get the most subscribers you can out of the clicks you buy.

    JP Bailey, MA
    Psych Marketer

    NLP Ninja for Success Mindset - Master Your Inner Game. Check Out My WSO Here

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    I will ask if I can see a capture page or ad the solo vendor uses. Then I will opt in to the list and see what kind of offers are sent to me. This helps me to understand how that vendor emails to their list. If the offer is similar to what I plan to promote then I know my offer will probably do well with that traffic.

    Some vendors will do this others don't. Just one method I try to use.

    It was stated above you have to test : )

    Of course, I still impulse buy all the time and track the results until I find a good source of traffic : )
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