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How the sales page of WSO made ? (I mean to say about the High Graphics with full of different Images )
{I am not talking about simple sales page made on Microsoft word }

which software do the use ?

Is there any place where I can learn how to make it ?
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    One of the warriors sells a product for exactly this purpose, search the forums.

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  • Same software that is used to make any other page or minisite etc. (Photoshop etc) It all depends on one's graphic skills to put it all together. You could learn this yourself, or hire someone.
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    You'll need photoshop, and some good design skills.

    What I do is make a mock up photoshop, find some example pages, and send it all to an experienced graphic designer.
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    1. Photoshop

    2. Graphic design is not something you can just learn in a few days. Great graphic designers have spent years and years and years perfecting their skills and getting them to the level you see. If you are not a competent graphic designer then you would be much better off just paying someone who is to do the design for you. It will be much cheaper in the longrun. If you try and learn graphic design from scratch you will burn a lot of time and still not get the results a talented graphic artist can for you.
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      There are some products that can help with the design. I'm going to test one tonight I think it's called WP Lead Plus.
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    It's free and you can do just about as much as you can with Photoshop when you add a few extensions to it.

    Its really easy to use to.
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    You need graphic design skills and it's not easy.

    I outsource all my graphics... There's tons of more important and interesting things to do

    If you want to outsource, check out the warrior for hire section of this forum.


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    I would recommend reading "Web Copy That Sells-The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time"
    Amazon.com: Web Copy That Sells: The...Amazon.com: Web Copy That Sells: The...
    its a best book I've read on how to write sales page.

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    We usually create a WSO design using Adobe Photoshop.
    Graphic designing is not that easy but if you think that you don't have the skill or time to learn graphic design then you'll definitely need a graphic designer that will help you create a professional WSO design.
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    I create mine using Photoshop, however, learning to design a page can take years and some never get it. Design is a skill. Not everyone possesses it. It's not something that has a step by step blueprint. You need a talent for it. Hire someone from the Warriors for Hire thread if you need a page designed.
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    Great question - and yes there is a bloked selling these .psd (photoshop) files in the forum here.

    I actually use GIMP (free software) and a Powerpoint to do all my graphics. My last sales page on here and on JVZoo was made using this, plus a template.
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      Actually i use those i got from a fellow warrior. It's really an all in package with everything you need. You do need photoshop though to edit the images.

      Sure if you search for it on the forum Wso section you can find it, it's well worth it imo.
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    Yep, I agree with a lot of the posters graphics design is a skill and that skill comes with years of experience.
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