Are Credit Cards 'needed' to start internet marketing (To pay for aweber, hosting etc)

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Chatted to some newbies who want to get started with internet marketing, and
and they were asking are credit cards a must to have for internet marketing?

to pay for aweber fees, hosting fees, domain purchasing, etc?

they are a uk marketer.

(they have current uk bank accounts, with a 16 digitdebit card,
- can they be used to pay for aweber , hosting etc)
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  • Payment options for each specific service are different whereby one provider may only accept credit cards, and another may also accept Paypal, money orders, checks, direct banking etc.

    Aweber for example does not accept Paypal whereas another service might.
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    You can certainly pay for both domain-names and hosting by PayPal. (And maybe with something like a Visa debit-card linked to a bank account?).

    Regarding an autoresponder, I wouldn't want to let "not having a credit-card" restrict my choice of service. It would be easy to end up with an inferior one, by having a restricted choice, and that's just too great a handicap. Registering domain-names and even having hosting somewhere slightly unusual isn't going to prevent anyone from making money through internet marketing, I think. Using a bad autoresponder really can.

    For someone with a UK bank account, I'd advise them to contact both Aweber and GetResponse and see if there's a way to pay with a debit-card. They might possibly manage to be co-operative about it, if approached nicely, even if it doesn't say so on their websites? The autoresponder is the one area over which one should really try not to "compromise", I think. And avoid "free autoresponders"!

    (By the way, I think it's easy enough to get pre-paid credit-cards in the UK without any credit checks/references. They may have a small monthly charge, or cost £1 extra for each use of the card, or whatever - but they should be available).
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    As Alexa stated, it is so easy to get pre-paid credit cards these days that I just don't see any excuse for not having one if you are completely committed to making this business work. Sure, you can go around and find ways to do everything without one, but it's just going to limit you. The same way I could go around and look for free options for everything I do but it would cost my business time and quality.

    My answer is yes, I think if you are serious about pushing forward in this business then a credit card is something you want to have.
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    I found this link on Aweber site they do accept checks or money orders. and host gator accepts them to plus a few more options What forms of payment do you accept? « Support Portal. Hope this helps.
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    You need $100 and a debit card. Thats about it.
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      A Paypal account linked to a bank account is plenty. I had an issue where a local supermarket had their financial records hacked and thousands of customers were affected (me included.) While the bank sorted the mess and sent us new cards I handled all of my online payments through paypal, as my bank account was not compromised.

      I paid for most of my services this way this month. Hosting, Autoresponder, and a couple domain renewals.

      Coincidentally, I also handled many personal payments the same way.
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    I think it definitely makes life a little quick and easier.. You find that the deeper you go down into the hole of the rabbit the more memberships and logins you accrue.. Granted not a lot have to be paid, many are free. One of my big tips would be to keep everything spreadsheet documented. I personally do spreadsheets off of my Google Drive (so via Gmail) that allows me to keep track of all my web activities.. blog.. marketing.. web development tools etc etc..
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    a debit card will also do the trick, there are some online websites which provide online credit card with transactions from your debit card by taking some small fees.

    But I'll highly recommend to ask for a credit card form your bank.
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