Google apps reseller ?

by wass11
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Can I generate profits by google apps reseller?
(How does it work for that purpose?)
I guess apps reseller is not bad idea on the side of making money.

In addition, Is there good reseller program(field) to earn an income?
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    Originally Posted by wass11 View Post

    In addition, Is there good reseller program(field) to earn an income?
    Hmm your question is very vague. There are many things you can re-sell, i.e. hosting, PLR material, SMS marketing platform, mobile application building platform, etc. You could earn an income with any of them.

    You can earn an income by reselling Google apps but I would suggest to use it as a value-added option. For example, if you're selling web design services or/and hosting (ex: Hostgator reseller), you will be most likely setting up their email addresses as well, so you could offer them to use their e-mail with Google's servers.

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    As Google Apps Reseller you can surely earn good credits for a varied range of services you offer to clients (with whom you make a sale and arrange Google Apps). In fact Google offers a 20% dsicount of Google Apps Business price to rresellers. So you can make profit.
    Go ahead
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    The Google Apps reseller is a great option.

    I think if you already had a IT support business then Google Apps would be a great addition. If you are starting as a reseller then look at offering other services to your clients like tech support.
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    Google Apps is great, I use it myself, but be careful of how much your promise in setting this up and configuring for your client. Migration of email can be easy or a complete and utter nightmare with Google Apps.. Google has really dropped the ball on this and I have had to resort to setting up Thunderbird to imap clients' email and drag-drop to their new Google Apps account.. time consuming, and clients can be super picky about how their tags and folders migrate to the new account. If you can outsource this time consuming stuff, great, otherwise it can be a black hole of time commitment that you might not have planned for and can't afford.
    Just my 2 cents M8 .
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