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by Grimbo
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Hey gents,

I am working on a site to sell an eBook I am making. The format of the site is going to be: squeeze page, FAQ for product, and contact info.

My goal was to have buttons throughout the squeeze page that take you to a payment page where you can pay with credit card ect so it goes into my paypal. Any advice on how to set this up? Thanks y'all.
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    Hey Grimbo,

    You could put the ebook up as a WSO and get the warriorplus buttons. Or you can put it up at JVzoo and get the buttons there. The advantages of either two would be that they would handle the payment processing and interact with your paypal account.

    Otherwise you can just set up the button yourself at PayPal, it's super easy.
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    Thanks bro,

    A friend of mine just told me that a lot of people don't trust pay pal and I should use a gateway like ect. Do you guys agree with that statement?

    The whole plan is to make the site tomorrow, put all the info and such on it. I was then going to run a PPC campaign to test the amount of people I get to go to a mock sales page. If I get enough people, I am going to go ahead and make the eBook itself.

    I'm also in Orange County for the next week! Just landed yesterday to visit and explore the area.
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      Originally Posted by Grimbo View Post

      A friend of mine just told me that a lot of people don't trust paypal and I should use a gateway like ect. Do you guys agree with that statement?
      This statement isn't correct at all.

      Depending on what you're selling, an ebook I'm gathering, Paypal would be the perfect fit for this market as they are trusted and the process is super simple compared to forcing your customers to whip out their credit cards and manually entering their info.

      Paypal also accepts CC's without needing a Paypal account so that covers that base.

      Bear in mind has an application process and if you are located outside of the US, that option is out the window (but I'm gathering you are in the US from mentioning Orange County)

      Hope it helps

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    Never heard of I would rather stick to paypal rather than other smaller company.
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    PayPal is one of the biggest and most used online payment processing services. It is easy to setup and works fine. I never had any issue with PayPal.
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    I would have to agree, PayPal is the easiest to setup and it works great. Your money goes into your account right away, which is the best feature.
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    You have to sign in to access the button configurations. I think you can also replace the image with something more suitable to your needs.
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    keep it simple, one button is good enough. save the space for the sales copy.
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    You should look into Paydotcom. 2checkout are services also. Or... you could always accept Clickbank's payments. It doesn't go into your Paypal immediately, but Clickbank sends out their commission checks really fast. (or simply sign up for direct deposit with clickbank).
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    No two ways, Paypal is the best and easiest way of payment for selling such item and also you are going to base it on your target market. What is their primary source of online payment? Is is PayPal, Credit/Debit card or both...

    This is very important.
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    Paypal is the best, by far. They are the most used and most trusted as far as I'm concerned. Setting up payment buttons with them is also very easy to do.
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