Help: I could not logging to warriorforum

by ideasuniversity 2 replies
I wanted to loggin into forum today with my 1inamillion username and was told to reset my password becuase of the new upgrade. My problem was the email I used to register here had been suspended so what would I do. I have more than 500 post to my the username.
My user name is 1inamillion
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    im not sure about this.

    maybe u can log into your old account and change the email to a newer email?

    And tell access the new Forum to get them to send you the password.

    The password may be sent to the new registered account.

    Hope this helps. =)

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      Doesn't look like you can change any details over at the old forum, so this may not work. (Good to SEE you btw!)


      There was an earlier thread about this and I believe the best suggestion to come out of this was to get a ticket from the helpdesk and explain your situation. You're definitely not the first (nor the last I would think) to have this issue.

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