Questions about Niche Selection and Content Creation

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Hi All,

I am relatively new in WF and i am overwhelmed by the support and advice of everyone here. Really appreciate that.

As i am just starting my Affiliate/CPA marketing, i have a few doubts/questions about niche selection and content creation. Any advice would be really helpful.

1. Can i get content for my blogs written by someone else? A professional content writer i mean.

2. Can i promote a niche which i am relatively new at? No past experience and moderate interest.

3. How many articles/ unique visits per day do i need on my blog before i can start monetizing it? By monetizing i mean building email lists and direct banner advertising on the blog.

4.Can micro niches like maintaining long distance relationships (have experience in this for about 6-7 years , saving money, budget planning, etc bring in decent money per month? By decent money i mean about $2K.

5. How is guitar playing as a niche? I am professional guitar player and teacher and i am confident i can offer real value through guitar teaching.

I have very low budgets in hand and not thinking of diving into paid advertising at the moment. So blog promotion and Organic traffic is what i have in mind.

Please spare a couple of minutes in helping me with these queries.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Profile picture of the author Brendon Zahrndt
    1) Yes

    2) Yes

    3) Immediately. Your first article.

    4) Yes

    5) My guess is poor - don't guitar enthusiasts like to have the tool in hand before purchasing? This would make for a difficult product to sell through affiliate/CPA marketing me thinks.

    I could elaborate - but you aren't bound by much of what you have asked. If long distance relationships is your thing, own it.

    You are at an advantage because you are your market.

    Good luck.
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      Thanks Brendon.

      Guitar marketing will be Guitar teaching programs which have monthly subscription. Also could be advertising musical instruments.
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    @Rituraj Welcome to the business. Hopefully you can get some valuable insights to the questions you have on this forum. There certainly is a lot of help, but it's easy to get distracted and confused as well.

    In response to your question about finding a niche... my rule of thumb is to look for large niches that has a lot of people that buy. I guess that's what makes the make money online niche so good because there are always new people entering that are needing to learn how to do certain things.

    Getting content written by other people has always been what I have done. I personally use Odesk to find my writers. if you PM me I'd be happy to refer you over to someone that has always been reliable for me. He certainly beats the pants off of using the content writing services. I personally like to avoid those because there is no personal relationship with the person that is writing the content.

    You can definitely promote a niche that you are new at... without knowing a lot about that niche at that. Have you ever heard of PLR? It's a great way to get high quality products that have been created by people that actually know about the subject you are promoting. The trick is to know where to look and how to find that content. You can easily spend days looking for quality information but there are definitely tricks to doing so.

    To me monetizing a blog is a tricky thing. If the site doesn't get much traffic I wouldn't waste a lot of time trying to monetize it until it does. You won't really know what works and why until you are getting a fair amount of traffic. To me a blog can be monetized through guest posting if you have one that other people would want to write for. As long as you can pass some strong Page rank in return for a link you can get paid a pretty good amount of money from people in order to post on your blog. You might want to focus first on blogging to start establishing your credibility (find PLR articles and rewrite them and post them on your blog )

    In my opinion organic traffic is some of the most expensive traffic there is. Well if you are relying on Google and the traffic engines at least. You have to spend countless hours writing content, building back links, and doing on page SEO and to be honest you won't know if it's even worth it for months.

    What kind of organic traffic methods are you looking to use? Social media has become huge so put yourself out there.. get to know people... be helpful.. build your reputation.

    That surely beats SEO and link building. Believe me.. I've spent thousands on ranking sites that have never made me a dime.. I can't even sell them on Flippa because they are worthless.

    Micro niches are great.. get in the communities.. build a squeeze page.. build a list and have a product to offer. You could do extremely well within the micro niches.

    I hope this helps.
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      Thanks a lot!

      Well- Let me ask you this -Which is a better thing to do?

      1. First build blog and traffic and then when it has started generating enough traffic build a squeeze page? OR

      2. First Squeeze page page, capture leads by offering something valuable, and simultaneously build the blog?

      3. Needn't build any blog. Just capture leads by offering value and keep sending them freebies and paid offers?
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    Can Anyone help?
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    • Profile picture of the author Alexa Smith
      Whatever else I did, I wouldn't want to attract any traffic to any site/blog I owned and not have a working opt-in there, to retain a proportion of the traffic, myself.

      I don't use squeeze pages at all, after all the testing I've done, because I've always found that they produce much bigger lists which in turn produce significantly less income. (So don't ever let people tell you that the biggest lists are always the ones that produce the biggest incomes, because that's actually never been true for me, in any niche in which I've split-tested it over a 6-month period).

      I start off attracting traffic to my niche sites while they still have little content on them - three/four articles is plenty for me. But the one thing they do have, before anyone else sees them, is a prominently incentivized opt-in linked to an autoresponder series. I have a mortgage and bills to pay, and simply can't afford not to do that, whatever the niche is.

      I can't sell affiliate products from "banners on sites" and to be honest I don't really believe that anyone else does, either - not to any extent worth talking about, anyway. I see that that approach can work for CPA, though.

      Even the people who buy an affiliate product by clicking a link on my website have got to the site (on that occasion) by first clicking a link in an email I've sent them, and they buy only because they trust me, and the strength of my recommendation, because of the email relationship I have with them - not because of anything "clever" or "well-designed" about my websites.

      This might help (and it contains a few other links, too):
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      • Profile picture of the author Rituraj

        You know how to talk absolutely to the point. Love the advice.

        I think i will have to split test a couple of ideas myself. I will make mistakes and lose bucks but i think the learning will be worthwhile!
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  • Profile picture of the author YasirYar
    Hi Rituraj,

    You can also check Amazon or Clickbank for hot niches if you want some inspiration. Those marketplace are rife with good niche markets.

    >>>Get your websites ACTUALLY ranked by checking these out: Quantum SEO Labs, Home Page Link Building & SERP Ability. Want to get rid of negative listings? Check out Reputation Enhancer.

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    For me the first that you should in your niches is to build your lists then start promoting some your products.

    Let me answer your question above.
    1. Definitely yes! Feel free get contents from your previous blogs.

    2. Of course! Just make sure that you've conducted a good market research about your desired niche.

    3. It depends buddy. The most important thing in monetizing your blog is the quality of your content and don't forget that driving a huge number of traffic can help you monetize your site.

    4. I'm not really sure if how much money you can earn with micro niches.

    5. Since you're a professional guitar player and a teach the I would say yes you can go with that niche.

    Hope it helps.

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