What's your biggest Facebook dream?

by dassad
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No no no, not the regular get added as friend by Justin Bieber or stuff like that, i'm talking about the money part.
We all know that Facebook Apps are the key for the Facebook Vault so what is the most hyper-super Facebook Application that you would like to have and wasn't made till now?

What is that feature that you like in the existing apps or that feature that you didn't saw in any application but you would like it

Just list it with bullet points or write a complete story for it.

(Best answers get a surprise)

I'm really curious...
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    No no no, not the regular get added as friend by Justin Bieber or stuff like that
    Yes, because we all dream of that!
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      It takes a lot of time to note it down. Hope to post in near future.
      Peoples of WF are busy with business promotion, I dont know how many of warriors have that idle time to find out the shortage of FB. Anyway thanks for a different initiative.

      Hope for the best.

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