95% Of People Who Buy MMO Products Don't Have A Website?

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I once heard an audio clip of a big-time "Make Money Online" guru claiming that 95% of his customers didn't have a website, and never got around to building one after buying his product.

He also went on to explain that most of his customers ordered his product, read through the first few pages, and then added it to their collection of other "get rich quick" products they never use.

That got me thinking:

Why do people spend $1000's buying information products about how to make money online...but they never take action?

The best answer I've come up with so far (and I'm sure the Warriors here can agree) is that they never actually TRIED to make money online.

In other words, if these people had actually built a website, sent traffic to the website, set up their autoresponders, etc. etc they probably would have gone, "Holy crap this is freakin awesome."

I've heard stories about people who spent over $170,000 on "make money online" products without making a single dime.

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    If you've never done something, its hard to do it the first time. Making money is complicated with so many ways to do it, and many people get stuck. "95% Of People Who Buy MMO Products Don't Have A Website?" I think it all depends on where the people are coming from. If they are coming from some mass advertising thats probably true, but if they are from a targeted list then more of them likely already have a website or two.
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    Excellent observation. Many of those people are not really looking for a MMO or to do the work that has to go into a legitimate opportunity. I think most are looking for an easy "get rich quick" opportunity in which their two most valuable factors, time and money, do not have to be stretched. And from this they want to become rich!
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      I saw a pie chart somewhere once and it was broken down into 3 categories.

      I don't know if these numbers are real or not, but I thought it was interesting anyway:

      1) Of all the people who get into IM or buy an MMO product, 67% never even get past the technical part (setting up a website)

      2) Of the 33% who do, 32% never even make a sale and quit

      3) 1% actually make a sale

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        Buying products allows people to dream about being rich.

        These dreams cause the pleasure centers of the brain to activate.

        They have the pleasure without any heart ache.

        To actually do something they would have to face problems.

        Therefore it is more pleasurable to buy the next bright shiny object rather than to actually do something.
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    I think the main reason is that people don't want to work to achieve these things. People who sell these 'courses' and 'products' are so good at selling them the bullshit about how it's so easy and how they can make $10,456.67 in a weekend, with no website, list, facebook, computer, keyboard, mouse, brain etc... When they eventually buy all this crap and realise that, shockingly, it IS going to require hard work, and in fact the claims in the sales page were vastly exaggerated, they simply give in and look for the next con man who is selling the golden bullet.
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    Why isn't this a surprise? People look at IM like diet fads. You study one, then move on to the other. On the flipside, if people DID take action, the IM market will probably DRY UP because there wouldn't be so many shiny objects being snapped up-everyone will be putting in their best with the MMO they bought.
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    I haave found from personal expirience that consistent application is what is needed, and this is why people dont suceed. There needs to be a shift in their mindset, from consumers to producers. It's a shame really because with all the information out there nothing is really secrect anymore and a large group of people will have the key to achieving their financial goals if only they applied the information.
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      Buying products allows people to dream about being rich.

      These dreams cause the pleasure centers of the brain to activate.

      They have the pleasure without any heart ache.

      To actually do something they would have to face problems.

      Therefore it is more pleasurable to buy the next bright shiny object rather than to actually do something.
      I think that you have hit the nail on the head.

      Well done,

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    You know lazy people? They will do this thing always. They are passive. They don't want hard works just to earn. But hey it's a skill so just understand them lol.
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  • I once asked a wise friend the question of why he thought that God would create an ant, who's purpose of life would only be to be born one minute, and then cross the street only to get squashed by a big ass tire the next?

    My friend answered, "well it would become food for a bird, therefore the ant did serve a purpose in this life"

    This thread reminds of the same thing.

    There need to be people who waste money over and over on courses and never use them, only to go buy another course from the same marketer, and never use it, again.

    Why? Because if these types of consumers did not exist, then most Internet Marketers and their kids would be very skinny!
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    There's a massive difference between MMO and IM.

    MMO = newbies who don't know anything about marketing.

    IM = people who are actually business oriented.

    So, in all probability, 99.9% of the MMO niche has no website, doesn't know what a wordpress is, and in all probability can't even produce a decent blogpost anyway.

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    I'm not going to throw around statistics but I would guess the VAST majority of people who buy biz-op/mmo products don't have a website. They just jump around from product to product trying to find the 'easy' way to do it.

    I think part of it is the technical aspect of it, in that not many people have the tech skills to get it done. And they certainly don't want to spend money paying someone else to do the tech stuff, because they themselves don't even know what to do. So how do you hire someone to do something when you yourself don't know?

    So instead you just buy products looking for an easy way. But there isn't any easy way, you have to pick one way and learn it no matter how long it takes.
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  • "If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself."

    I forgot who said that originally, but I'm sure that's true.

    But what about outsourcing for the parts the newbies struggle with?

    Such as when they lack either Technical Skills, Writing Skills, Graphic Design Skills, etc.? But sooner or later they will have to concentrate on one area and put actual effort into it. Otherwise outsourcing everything can also get really expensive too right?

    But even then I think they would have to do lots of research before spending any actual money on ANYTHING related to making money online or internet marketing.

    Domains and Web Hosting costs are generally unavoidable from what I've learned.

    Although I've heard it's possible to earn some money with free blogs and such, but any free site used to make money can get shutdown without warning. I think it has to do with the traffic and bandwidth limits for free sites, if they had gone over the limit they get pulled or disabled permanently and all that hard work will have to be put into a whole new website.
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    People are lazy. It's like all the fat people buying diet books but still eating twinkies. Buying books and training products won't make you thin. Getting off your butt and taking ACTION will. And you don't need books to do that!
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