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Thing about this.. a tip from Vick Strizheus.

When you have a list, no matter what the size, keep sending them updates on your progress. Take a video of your small successes, and show them what you did...and they'll start following you and will be more curious as to what you're doing until eventually they're going to be the ones asking you - 'what else do you do?'

He went from minus 20k to earning over 364k .. took him a few years, but in 90 days from when he started he went to 20k per month... this is an interesting strategy...anyone else trying it out?

- Shafina Zahra
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    Vick is an awesome mentor. He's hosting a live webinar right now actually. Are you in it?

    And yes I email my list some crazy cool content and am even working on a video series

    YOU are awesome :)

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