Would an Animation be a good affiliate product?

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Hello Warriors,

I am thankful for all responses where I asked for membership website help.

Before going further with the website and probably choosing a Warrior to help, I would like to hear your advice on this question.

Do you think an animation of 30 minutes could stand alone as an affiliate product?

I am hesitant to release exactly what it is about only to say, it will help educate children and parents about a major concern in our society.

There are a couple businesses I am thinking of having do the animation and it is very expensive. Fortunately I may have support for the cost or we will need to find another source

The few we have spoken to believe it has a good chance to be a very successful seller because the subject and a very well known person in it.

There's a possibility any of you who are animators may beat the price and I may put that in another thread. I am ready to pay but my main concern is if this is something that could stand alone as an affiliate product.

The cost for the animation to buy when released is still not known but we will probably sell it as a physical disc only.

If it's not affiliate material, we will go single sale only.

The reason we may only go with a disc is the fund raising potential.

As always, thanks in advance for your valued advice.

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