Cookie Stuffing / Hacked?

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Im having a few problems with sales at the moment, what's happening is I've had over 20,000 direct targeted clicked links straight though to the affiliate platform, the clicks are registering with the merchant and have only had a few sales if your lucky since the start of the year. The website uses a price comparison and the customer is clicking and the click is registering through to the merchant but it seems that its losing something when they are going to the merchants buying process.

So what I did was I cleared out all of my cookies and went straight from google to our website and all the time kept an eye on what cookies were being dropped in, went on the homepage, all the cookies look fine, went on to a page with affiliate links and I didn't click any of the links but this cookie dropped in called which I have never heard of, so I repeated this process 4 times and 3 out of the 4 times dropped in.

Does anyone have think this could be cooking stuffing/hacking and suspicious?

#cookie #hacked #stuffing

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