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Hello everyone,
I'm planning on starting a blog and I would like to monetize it somehow. My main goal is to have a large fanbase, I'm not too interested in making money (but by all means, the more the better). Point being, I don't want to scare away any fans with an ad popup in every page, or requiring them to create a membership to view the articles or something.

I think my biggest bet would be to put banners on the side and maybe the top/bottom of each page. Maybe have a recommended buy list that leads to amazon affiliate links.

About the blog- My hobby is learning. I love to learn about things I find interesting. Things like physics, technology, science, cognition, consciousness, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, psychology... the list goes on. In my phone I have hundreds of pieces of information I'll write down in a notepad file that I find interesting. I was thinking I could write an article about each one. They are things I find very interesting, so I would assume there is a decent sized demographic of people who would as well.

I'm not sure if this next piece is exactly allowed on WF so feel free to moderate it if not.. I'd like to post an example of something I would write into the blog and would appreciate people's honest answer when I ask: Could I actually start a website/blog about this kind of stuff? And have it be successful?

Could there really be another realm of existence that is completely outside our known measurable Universe?

There are things we cannot yet explain with science, thins like the mind, and our consciousness. Are these literally some other manifestation of energy or something similar? If so, does that open up the realm of other supernatural things? Like god, religion, precognition, telekinesis, etc.

Is the conscious mind jsut a convenient method evolution found for us to use and can be replicated by a physical process? If so, we should be able to create an artificial intelligence computer who is essentially conscious to some similar degree as us. If this happens, does it rule out the need for metaphysical explanations of consciousness and thus discredit the realm of religion, ghosts, and other supernatural things?

Consciousness is usually lumped up with these things simply because we cannot make an empirical quantification of what we are working with. When there is no tangible evidence of a study, it often gets thrown into the realm of pseudoscience. But perhaps our knowledge in science just isn't there yet to study consciousness. Maybe we need to understand more about Artificial Intelligence; All we need is the correct algorithm.

Of course I would lengthen it a bit, that's just what I had in my phone.
Also, I would like to create my own website to do this, but would settling for a wordpress page do the same? (Can you monetize off of the free version of wordpress?)

Sorry for the amount of questions I'm proposing, but I would greatly appreciate any response!
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    If you don't want to annoy your customers with obvious ads then just avoid banner ads and monetize in other ways such as through promoting relevant affiliate offers that will help your visitors through email.
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      Originally Posted by RockingLastsForever View Post

      If you don't want to annoy your customers with obvious ads then just avoid banner ads and monetize in other ways such as through promoting relevant affiliate offers that will help your visitors through email.
      That's what I was thinking of doing as well. I'm not too sure what I could push that would be relevant though. Other than books I've read, or maybe interesting little doo-dads (like stuff on ThinkGeek)
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        I have to say I disagree with the previous advice.

        The example you gave reminds me of sort of a science-fiction style website.

        The question is how many various ways CAN you advertise.

        It comes down to basic demographic research and TESTING!

        I wouldn't worry about selling banner space YET because you don't have an authority website. In other words your space will be pretty much worthless.

        However! That doesn't mean you can't create catchy visual advertisements within your webpage for affiliate offers.

        You could also do in line text advertising, email marketing and selling ad spots (once you build a list), you could create your own products or service to go along with your "fan" site and charge for memberships, use, or copy, etc.

        So while I wouldn't worry about selling banner space NOW, don't take if off the list. It just doesn't have it's place yet.

        As for building a list, you MUST get yourself an autoresponder. You have to begin building a viewer/subscriber list, even if it doesn't serve the greatest purpose monetarily at first.

        You just want people to subscribe to your email content. Worry about solidifying monetization through it later.

        That essentially is kind of the big point to all of this. Get the website together content wise, and layout wise, and then worry about how you can implement some cash flow, without bothering your visitors.
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    In response to your first paragraph,... If you do marketing "properly", they won't feel offended by the presence of it... In fact, they'll like you even more for having recommended exactly what they want.

    "Perfection isn't important. Improvement is."

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    I appreciate the responses. As of now, I'm going to make a quick wordpress and facebook page. This way I can start adding content to it. Then I'll work on monetizing it, as said earlier.
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    yeah I believe RockingLastsForever you should try using emailing and not always go for ads
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      Work out what your readers consider valuable?

      If they are not willing to spend money, they don't think it is valuable.

      Then work out how your readers would like to be told about it.

      You need to be doing the above two things to be marketing properly.

      The most powerful monetization method is usually to recommend the item inside your blog post. Letting the person who thinks it is valuable click through to it and those people that don't think it is valuable, able to ignore it.
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    I would build an autoresponder list to capture leads and start building a relationship.

    I would watch this video to see how it is done. The niche of "remote viewing" is a pseudoscience niche similar to your "other realm of existence idea".

    They made $1 Million in 18 months.

    They created a simple Wordpress blog with curated content. They did not create any original content for the blog. The author is a pseudonym with stock picture.

    The had an opt-in form to capture emails. They found the best conversions were for a product "coming soon".

    They found leaders in the field with high-end products and courses. They partnered with these 'gurus' for webinars that they promoted to their list.

    They facilitated the webinar and promoted the guru product with an afilliate arrangement. These were high end products and they were taking in $15,000-$25,000 in commssions after a one-hour webinar.

    It shows the power of building a list. The fact you don't need a huge blog with thousands of unique articles. You don't need your own product if you can find other product creators to partner with.

    I thought this was a good example because it is in a relatively unknown 'pseudoscience' niche like yours.

    You can find the Mindvalley article with discussion here:

    How we made $1 million in 18 months from a simple niche blog. | Mindvalley Insights for Online Marketing Techniques

    The blog is still active with over 100,000 subscribers.

    Just another WordPress site | Learn Remote Viewing
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      Here are 4 ways to monetize your blog;
      1. Integrate Affiliate Links Appropriately; start with Amazon Associates since Amazon sells millions of diverse products that are likely to be a fit for most bloggers.

      2. Create Content That Sells
      write reviews of products

      3. Use an Affiliate Aggregator Service
      Programs like VigLink, which automates access to more than 20,000 affiliate programs and monetizes the links on your site for you.

      4. Use Relevant Affiliate Programs
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      I just want to point something out real quick.

      Originally Posted by Donowhy View Post

      I'm not too interested in making money
      Then you won't.

      Originally Posted by Joshua Lowenthal View Post

      I have to say I disagree with the previous advice.
      I also disagree with the previous advice. Banner ads aren't going to "scare" people away. People are used to them. It's expected.

      It's your duty to monetize your site anyway. You're providing value. But no one is going to complain if you don't. No one except you.

      Originally Posted by onSubie View Post

      It shows the power of building a list. The fact you don't need a huge blog with thousands of unique articles. You don't need your own product if you can find other product creators to partner with.
      This is right on target. It just goes to show you that the person with the people holds all the power.

      If you own the product, you still have to sell it. But own the list, and you'll have an endless number of products to choose from.


      PS. Don't over complicate this banner stuff. And don't worry about what your visitors might think. It doesn't have to be outrageous.

      You can have a simple square in the right side corner that has a headline and says click here, and it takes them to a full blown squeeze page where they opt in.

      Technically, that's "advertising" because you're advertising your squeeze page. But you can put anything you want in the box...

      Links to affiliate sales pages, your own sales pages, an opt in page, another article, a video, a podcast, a review site...

      It doesn't really matter that part is up to you. The part that does matter is can you get the traffic, and then, can you sell anything to the people you are getting.

      Your best shot is probably to do something similar to the post above with the video. But note that they didn't create any of those blog posts themselves.

      They were interested in making money. That was their focus. So they did make money.

      If you're focus is on learning, that's a different story. That's fine. I love learning.

      But it's a hobby. Not a business.

      Get clear on your outcome.
      Long Lost Warriors! The Secret Sales System! Act Now! Buy Now! Right Now!
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    Use your blog to build an online business selling your own digital products:

    1. Start with a brand name and logo
    2. Build a site, blog, facebook, twitter, etc.
    3. Start making products (courses, ebooks, video training, etc.)
    4. Build your list and social followings by offering high value content for free.
    5. Sell products to your community.

    repeat and scale.

    That is the exact model I use for my danosongs royalty free music site for the past 5 years.
    Signature - Royalty Free Music for Marketing Videos

    No sign up required to try my music in your video.

    Just click to listen and download. No cost to try, only pay when you publish.
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    Putting ads in blogs have become old fashioned way of monetization. You cannot expect a lot of earning through this way. In text links converts the most now a days. Posting reviews about products can boost your sales and earning too.
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    I think you should first focus on building your content and your community. Right after that I think you could start thinking of what kind of monetizing strategy would work best with your audience.
    No Clicking Here - I Repeat No Clicking Here
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    So I've got a few articles laid out. The site hasn't gone live yet (its up, but I haven't created the social media and started posting yet).
    I'm waiting on my buddy to finish up the banner and picture for the facebook and website.

    As of now, its just on a free wordpress, so there really aren't many ways to start monetizing it. When do you think I should opt into purchasing a domain? Once I reach 100 likes on the facebook page?
    Great replies in this thread btw, thanks again for all the help!
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      Originally Posted by Donowhy View Post

      When do you think I should opt into purchasing a domain?
      You should purchase your domain as soon as possible so you can start branding right away.

      If you are using temporary hosting until you can get self-hosted, you can redirect the domain from your registrar to whatever temporary URL is hosting your site.

      Just search for 'how to redirect domain <your registrar>' in YouTube and you should find lots of examples.
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    I think you should deviate from the large "learning" site - especially if you're looking to monetize your site. Go into a niche and focus on 1 topic. Then just focus on that 1 niche (for example "cognition" like you mentioned). By writing about so many topics... how will you earn backend sales or recurring income for each topic?

    I think you're spreading yourself too thin with the huge different topic site.
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    Again, I appreciate the responses guys-
    As to the advice on sticking to a specific niche, and focusing on making money- Again, I appreciate it but thats not the main goal here.

    Think about most blogs with the intention to make money. If you look at it from a monetary standpoint, the quality may suffer. The author could be thinking "Okay, how do I go about getting as much money as possible from this?".
    Whereas when you look at it from a hobbyist's standpoint, the quality gets allot of attention from the author, which hopefully gets appreciated by the reader.

    I would be happy doing this and not making any profit, just because its something I love to talk about. But I figure if lots of people are making money off of blogs, why leave a money printing machine unplugged lol.

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link to the blog, so if you're interested PM me
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