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Hi everyone!

I am new to affiliate marketing and I'm not really sure were to start. I know I need to pick a product in my niche and promote it and I have a few products in mind but how do I go about promoting? Do I start a website with a squeeze page promoting that product, or do I use a blog somehow? Or maybe do I just go around just promoting on forums and blog comments, etc?

Thanks for any help!
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    well for starters you should hang around the forum more often and engage with marketers, ideas will build every time you do that. Then follow your passion...
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      Thanks for the advice, I will definately hang around here and try to learn as much as I can.
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    There're some routes that you can go with.. You can build a blog, or maybe a review site.. Then to promote this site, you can do blog comments and some forum marketing, and youtube videos.. These will link back to you site where you promote the product.. You can either use squeeze page or no.. With squeeze page you can build your list for long term, however, this will affect your conversion rate, it usually lower than without squeeze page.. Or you can put a squeeze page on the widget of your site, and offer a bonus if people put their name & email there.. It's all up to you
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    I think edhuu covers it nicely. I've just got into creating videos and posting on youtube to drive traffic to my squeeze page.

    Very simple but a very effective method.
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    Thanks edhuu and cwinning for the advice! What do you think is better for a beginner, promoting something from Clickbank like an ebook, or promoting a physical product like from Amazon?
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    I think it depends what niche you want to go for and what kind of product you want to promote, neither it's Clickbank or Amazon
    Some will say Amazon and some will say Clickbank..

    I'd say stick with a niche you like and are passionated about because it will help you to understand and promote it better ...and you'll find it more fun too..
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    The question is: What do you know about affiliate marketing?

    You bring up websites and blogs


    in the same sentence you also mention forum spam.

    So basically what it comes down to is what about you, makes you want to become an affiliate marketer.

    What ways to you communicate online the most right now?

    Not every single product out there is going to sell through a webpage. Most will, but not all.

    This means you also have to think about who is buying this product or service and where they are online, where they are going to be online when they would want to buy this, and how to get in front of them in those places.

    This could involve advertising in a lot of different ways all over the internet.

    Building a list is your next task. Please for the love of all that is IM, PLEASE build a mailing list. Look into autoresponder/mass email services or software.

    Have your ads connect to squeeze pages for your products and implement some way of requesting the visitors email. Make sure you don't just turn around and spam them.

    Maybe 1-2 week send them something little and non invasive. Maybe a few jokes and funny pictures revolving around your niche. Maybe just a small newsletter with some industry information. Just something.

    Now the style of webpage you send your ad clickers to is determined by what it is you are marketing. You have to find a clever way to 'casually' discuss this item.

    Make sure you have links to buy this item spread throughout.

    This is IM in a nutshell, the rabbit hole goes much deeper.

    I would say read around for while as well.
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    1. Find a niche where is money in it
    2. only then look for a affiliate product: Clickbank, Commission Junction, Google Search: "Affiliate + <niche Keyword>", etc.
    3. Get a related freebie (something with Giveaway rights) or create one yourself (video, audio or pdf)
    4. Get a Domain, Hosting and AR
    5. Setup a WP blog : Squeeze page with freebie bite (which builds your list) and (Thank You) landing page, pre-selling your affiliate product, linking to the vendor's sales page.
    6. Promote daily from now on!
    7. Setup an AR sequence with useful content sprinkling in more affiliate offers.
    8. Track & Tweak

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    Originally Posted by willmfftt View Post

    Do I start a website with a squeeze page promoting that product
    Squeeze pages don't normally promote the products that you're trying to sell. (Are you thinking of "sales pages", perhaps? Affiliates don't need those - the vendor provides them).

    This post defines some words, which will help you to discuss it and ask for advice.

    Originally Posted by willmfftt View Post

    or do I use a blog somehow?
    A blog is a website. A blog is just a site made from a content management system originally used for blogging ... it means totally different things to different people, and these days there's no real, effective distinction between a "blog" and any other type of website. You can make any type of site with "blogging software" and some of them don't look anything like "blogs" at all.

    Originally Posted by willmfftt View Post

    Or maybe do I just go around just promoting on forums and blog comments, etc?
    Nope. This one, at least, is easier to answer: one way or another, you need your own website. Otherwise you're putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.
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    Probably if I were starting off with affiliate marketing I would first do some YouTube marketing with it to get my feet wet.

    Find a good product you feel will convert good. Put your mind in your potential prospects shoes and ask yourself if you'd buy this product.

    I would then make a quick, ugly video of me talking to a camera reviewing the product. I would recommend you purchase the product and really give it an indepth look and write down some pros and cons of it.

    People know when you're being honest or not. Don't just make the product look like a 10/10. Nothings perfect and if you give off honesty and trust to your visitor, the sale will come even easier.

    So to recap:

    1. Find a product
    2. Make a video revewing the product
    3. Upload it to YouTube

    p.s: Make sure the products name + review is in the title. For example: Mikes Traffic Bonanza Review

    Hope that helped :-)
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    It sounds like you've already chosen a niche, so I would focus
    on building a list in that niche, and then offering those list
    members the products that they show you that they want...
    focusing on quality.

    Hang around forums where people in your niche discuss their
    pressing problems, and then offer them products that provide
    real solutions to those problems.

    Maybe write a short report or two on topics that they are
    discussing. Offer that short report(s) for free, driving traffic
    to a squeeze page. After they opt-in to your squeeze page
    (building your list), then send them the free report download
    link via email, and redirect them to the sales page for the
    affiliate product. Perhaps also put a link recommending
    the affiliate product of choice on your download page.

    You may even want to purchase a solo ad, or some
    pay-per-click traffic, to drive traffic to your squeeze page, but
    if you do, you need to watch your numbers very closely so that
    you don't end up spending a lot more money than you make.
    In this example, I would watch sales and want my sales to
    at least (over a few days) be close to what I had spent
    driving traffic to my squeeze page. I said "be close" because
    if I knew that I was building a very focused list, I might be
    willing to lose money on the frontend to build that list... if the
    niche was generally a very profitable one.


    Did You Realize That The Majority Of Launches FAIL?
    Here's how to do a wildly successful launch!

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    Study direct response marketing and apply all those strategies to the internet. That is the best way to sell anything, it's also the fastest way to tap into sales fast.

    Study list building, email marketing copywriting, and paid media strategies.
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    Originally Posted by willmfftt View Post

    Do I start a website with a squeeze page promoting that product...
    Yes. This is the most simplest, predictable, and reliable ways to make money with affiliate marketing - or anything for that matter. After you get your site and set up a good squeeze page, focus on driving lots of targeted traffic to your site, then let the email autoresponder do its work for you.
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