Spent $390 and got 256 subscribers

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Hey folks,

I just wanted your opinion please. I have always used offline traffics to generate subscribers and I have had a lot of success. Fast forward, in order to diversify my traffic I started to play around with online traffic tactics.

I spent last week pretty much buying solo ads almost everyday. I ended spending $390 and after unsubscribes, I have 256 subs going through my funnel as I type this post. I also have had 2 OTO sales but for low price items.

Is that a good result? I do know one thing that my squeeze is converting at about 23% which needs to improve as per my standards but is that a good cost per sub? ---as per industry standard?
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    It depends on how targeted the sources are. Also, test the responsiveness of your list. I would suggest using a multi filter system to create a pure list of high value buyers.
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    I think that you had better stop buying solo ads for a while and care about preparing email messages that will bring positive results with the subscribers you already have. Before spending more, you should verify if these subscribers will purchase your products.

    I’ve read many threads about email marketing recently and many successful Warriors said that a responsive list doesn’t need to be huge. So, you should focus on preparing interesting email messages and test your results.
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      Also, I hope you kept track of the subscribers you got from each of those sources separately so you could see how responsive they were, and how many you got from each source per dollar spent.

      Clever is right in that you need to work on developing a relationship with your list to see if they're responsive (and which of the sources you've used produces the most responsive list).

      Years ago, I got literally thousands of subscribers through a co-reg site, and they might as well not have been there for all the response I got from them.

      Solo ads are a LOT better, but the results still vary. Hope yours will be great!

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    In these days, I'm wondering if I have to build list. No, I do not have responsive list nor any list other than email addresses registered to my article directory, nippomac.info. Instead, I've been trying to invite people to my website through blog posts, forum posts and anything other than building list. That way, I get people that are interested in the subject I talk on those posts. For an instance, I am running antiagingcouples.com but talking about parenting viewed from those senior people. I have lots of registration through WP for that.

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    Well, it depends on how responsive your list right now ? What's the open rate of your follow up ? How responsive they are. You might want to stop buying solo ads now. And work on your current list first. If, you didn't get much respond from your list then, you need to make your funnel better. You may also want to do ad swaps.

    But, by looking at the numbers only it is not really a good number. Did you test and tweak your funnel ? You should always keep track and test your squeeze pages. Make a couple more improved squeeze page to test.

    Good luck.
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    You paid about 1.50USD per sub
    What was your optin rate
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    Doesn't seems like good results mate. 23% is not that good. It also depend on the list too to be honest. Many factors comes into action its not all about your optin page or list. Some lists will covert more on your same squeeze page. Its all about testing and tweaking. Next time you do solo ads try to create at least 3 optin pages and then use a rotator and test. Keep the high converting and delete others. Then take create 2 more different one add them in rotator with the last one and test. Keep the best and delete others. This is the real method my friend. Thanks
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  • It depends.

    In (easiest) terms, is "money you make">"money you spend"? If so, then that's good. Otherwise, it's bad.

    But without giving more info, it's hard to say. If you were selling poker/porn/etc subscriptions, and getting $1,000 in customer $$$, then $1.50/subscriber might be quite good. But if you are selling a $5 e-book, and that's it, then it's bad.

    So it depends.

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    If they are responsive and turn into buyers they could be golden. If they don't open your emails and never buy then a complete waste of time.
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    When I was wet behind the ears, I did something similar.

    I spent loads on these ads, and I got around 1000 subscribers in a couple of weeks. What I had not realised is that I got hardly any opens on my emails, and the subscribers were not targetted.

    I would start testing this list before spending any more $.
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    Originally Posted by Osman_M View Post

    Is that a good result?
    If you aren't making a profit, it's not a good result.
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    The real determining factor is if it turns into profits, if it doesn't turn into sales, then it doesn't matter if the opt in rate was good or not. Focus all of your attention now on turning those subscribers into profits.
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    I think you have wasted quite a bit too much money. Spending $390 for 256 subscribers is not worthwhile for me, I hope these are high quality subscribers.
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    Your offer or your landing page might not be targeted enough. Your CR is 23% with 250 conversions so you roughly recieved 2300-2300 clicks or open from your solo ads. Have you been testing these? Are you giving your niche what they want? If so, your CR should be higher. Two things are happening 1) your offer is not good - prospects don't care that much 2) your squeeze page hasn't convinced them.
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    Originally Posted by Osman_M View Post

    I have 256 subs going through my funnel as I type this post. I also have had 2 OTO sales but for low price items.

    Is that a good result?
    Your own signature-file promotes "3,592 subscribers in 3 days".
    But you're asking us whether 256 subs is a good result
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    How many subscribers you got is irrelevant.

    The conversion rate of your squeeze page is irrlevant.

    The ONLY thing that matters is that you spent $390 for 256 subscribers.

    That means you paid $1.52 per subscriber. If you make an average of $1.51 or less over the lifetime of those leads then it was a fail. If you make $1.52 or more then it was a success. The higher the figure the bigger the success it was.

    Marketing is all about profit and loss. Unless you are running a charity your only concern should be that you make more money than you spend.
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