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I run a website in the UK and 18 months ago started a US based targeting more adults reviewing outdoor products but using my cartoon character. This got hit by penguin (done link removal etc and traffic better but not from Google but more traffic from Bing & Yahoo). I want to transfer this site onto a new domain not due to traffic dropping but the fact that I want to just use my character for books and do not want to associate it with adult products like BBQ reviews etc.

So my question is if I pick up my old .com site and transfer it onto a new .com domain and take the first one will all my original content I have transferred be ok and not looked as if I have scraped it of the old site.

If this is the case how do I get Google to remove the old site content from the search engines. Or do I put a re-direct on the old one to the new one but this would then pass through any spammy links.

Quite honestly the amount of traffic I am getting I am not too worried about starting from afresh but just want to be able to use my content as a lot of hours have gone into writing it all.

Thanks in advance

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