Is it possible to outsource traffic generation and still have a positive ROI?

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Dear Warriors,

Is it possible to find high performenrs on elance and delegate them to generate traffic to your website and still have a positive ROI?

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    It really depends on what they will be doing to generate that traffic. Remember, not all traffic converts the same. What you want is people who are actually looking for what you are targeting. If they're just going to bombard your site with "whatever" traffic like from general twitter users or bots, then you're wasting time and money. Try proven paid methods or if you're looking for actual quality seo, check out my sig. Good luck
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    Of course. You can even hire full-time traffic assistants,
    and have a positive ROI. In fact, you're often better
    off hiring it out, and you focusing on something else that's
    a better use of your time.

    By the way, Elance would probably not be my choice of
    site to find these traffic assistants.


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    Well sure it is.... It all depends on the type of traffic and the offer you are promoting. For example if you had to pay someone $600 a week to create traffic for your site, which resulted in 1 sale that earned your company $3,000 then it's most certainly worth it and provides you with a healthy ROI.

    On the flip side though if you are spending the same amount of money and you only generate 1 sale that is worth $97,, then in the short term it's certainly not. But that doesn't mean long term it won't. When it comes to organic traffic generation, you have to look at the long term value of it.

    If that same expense of $600 ended up netting you 20 sales over 6 months, and those 20 sales were worth 2k, then you would have to look at your metrics and see if you can make those numbers work.

    Most of the time you are going to lose money in the short term to gain the long term benefit when outsourcing your traffic generation.
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    Outsource that to a traffic expert. Here is the thing. Those that really know what they are doing are not going to tolerate being paid like the K-Mart Blue Light Special. You definitely get what you pay for when you outsource this component of IM.
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    Make sure you have a high converting sales funnel in place and outsource the traffic generation and you can see a positive ROI. I'm willing to outsource some traffic generation because I know it builds my list even if I lose money in the initial stages.
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    I just dont see how this would work. If someone was a pro at traffic generation then why not traffic it to their own offers?
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