30 day old blog...went from 30 UV's to 200 in 24 hours WITH NO SEO

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So I started my first blog about 30 days ago. Im going for more of an authority site with a broad niche topic. I do use keyword research for my content and try to target areas that I think I'll do ok for in the SERPs.....eventually.

I dont do any backlinking outside of social media....it takes a lot of time and the blogs Id want to target are nofollow....im sure I'll get more exposure eventually in my niche's "blogging community" which will help with SEO....but, just to give you an idea, as of today in the last 30 days, including today, ive gotten 0.016% of my overall traffic from serps...barely worth mentioning.

I focus on social media... now it might be a little presumptuous to assume that I know my niche enough to essentially ignore doing SEO, but everything ive seen says that SEO takes a lot of time to really start showing results. So...while working on ways to better optimize seo and waiting for google to recognize my existence...I figured Facebook has a lot of targeted traffic, why not start there? It was either that or spend even more countless hours on here and other forums NOT DOING ANYTHING...just for the sake of "learning"....I decided to just DO instead of trying to LEARN.

I found a lot of FB groups in m niche that I joined and simply started contributing comments and my content on there with links to the site....thats it. No paid advertising, no spamming (I dont think posting 3-4 links, pictures, comments to different groups is spamming, especially if Im adding niche-related content to the group) nothing more...just facebook.

I started seeing a little bit of traffic success after wading through groups and finding ones that were large and had active members. By about week 2 I was getting about 75 UVs from the daily content I was linking on the groups.

After this I started thinking "Wow if FB can give me this much traffic...I should put a bunch of effort into Twitter, tumblr, pinterest..." yeah that didnt work out so well. For one, im not as familiar with those platforms as FB so I may not be as efficient in those areas, or FB tactics may not work as well, niche might not be right for it... whatever the reason... i get about 2-3 UVs daily from all those sources and I put a lot of hours in on those platforms within that week, with obviously little to show for it.

The other day I decided, screw these other places (for now)....its taking up a lot of my time (without seeing a lot of results) to get these going and FB is the only place im getting traffic from....SO..... lets find out better ways to increase my traffic from facebook since thats where I seem to be seeing success and engaging readers.

So I decided to go back and do some more research into posting on pages and researching more groups. What I found was that there are a TON of FB groups out there that I could be putting my content on...the funny thing is that I found a lot of groups that were huge, had members that I knew would want to see a large chunk of my content, but werent EXACTLY within my niche.

I decided to do a little testing.... Id write a few pieces that were still very relevant to my original niche, but while writing content, I made sure to pick topics that would appeal to these groups' audience and not just pinpoint MY specific niche. Had I posted something in these groups that was 100% tailored to my niche audience, I wouldn't have gotten much of a response... but blending my niche and this other niche together was the best of both worlds....its still relevant to my niche and its capturing a broader audience....therefore providing value to TWO types of readers at the same time.

I usually dont do any blogging on the weekends so on Sunday/Monday (holiday weekend) it had been several days since my lasts post on my blog or links on FB....I had a little over 20 UVs on Sunday, and about 50 on Monday.

Today I took that new piece of content that was "targeted" to these new groups, posted it, linked it to the groups (used the weekend to get approved to post there) and as of right now I have had 216 UV's today. Obviously thats not a MASSIVE accomplishment....but for me it's a pretty big deal...and not too shabby considering the site is 30 days old and Google wants nothing to do with me right now lol.

Obviously after years of reading posts of successes on WF, the first thing I had to do was go post about this minor win for me. My very first goal with IM was to reach 200UVs in a day....well Im there. Woot.

Before anyone says anything about SEO...I know....I'm getting there....it's going to take time....but this strategy has allowed me to get some fairly decent traffic within my first 30 days of the blog, moved that $0.00 to about $6 in revenue and more than anything, has given me the confidence I needed to keep going with this thing. Its hard cranking out articles, learning as you go and promoting your site without seeing results. I think that's where a lot of newcomers to IM get discouraged....I know I did.

This isnt a post about "oh I use FB and its awesome so you should too!" what Ive taken out of the last 30 days is that while Ive read A LOT of stuff on WF and other forums over the years, none of it really means a dang thing until you're out there and doing it. Just get started....pick a niche, dont worry if its going to be successful, dont worry about the theme being right on the site (mine's a so-so looking free one btw lol) stop analyzing and just go out there and do it. Trust me, you'll learn along the way what works for you and what doesnt... the only thing you can do is keep trying. Reading forums all day, buying WSO;s etc etc...thats all well and good, but its not MAKING money or generating traffic....that hair-brained site idea you've been putting off starting very well might....you'll never know until you try.
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    I'll be a little more clear on the traffic numbers. These start on the day I took my holiday vacation (no posting, no promotion) the last day is the 1st post and promotion since Thursday last week.

    5/24 - 25 UV
    5/25 - 22 UV
    5/26 - 62 UV
    5/27 - 36 UV
    5/28 - 222 UV (and counting)
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    RickCopy thanks for sharing! It's always exciting and a great motivator to have visitors come to see what you've created especially as a direct result of whatever form of marketing you use. If anything, confirmation of your efforts. Lather up, rinse, and repeat.
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    I'm glad you posted this and just started using social media. I am in a fb group and don't see people putting links in their posts. How often do you do that? It also seems people need to hit more to read a full post as after a few sentences that is required. Are you writing something and then putting a link to a blog post right after it? And what ratio do you do this versus just having it be text?

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    Hi Rick, thanks for sharing. How can you finded your FB group? Just search your keywords?
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    This is an interesting tactic. At Facebook it’s very hard to make new friends. However, it is simple to belong to various groups. This was a good idea.

    I’ve read something similar about Facebook groups in the past, but I didn't pay attention to this idea. It is somehow time consuming, but if you like this kind of activity, it is good for you.

    What really matters is your brilliant conclusion: “I decided to just DO instead of trying to LEARN”.

    Even though I always say that you must study internet marketing very well before trying to do something because you won't be able to correct many mistakes later and you had better be well-organized from the beginning, the fact that you have to actually do something is very important.

    When you put the theory you have learned into practice you verify that nothing is exactly like you have learned e.g. in an ebook, because your reality is totally different from the author’s reality, even though a few characteristics are the same ones.

    You have to find solutions by yourself depending on the problems you are facing and depending on your skills.

    A theory when put into practice is totally different from its theoretical aspect. It seems to be something else, very far from what you believed it was. This is why you have to take action at a certain point and see how everything works into practice. You will have to deal with many unexpected problems.

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    Congrats on your success! That is something to be very proud of Would you mind if I asked... are you using your REAL fb account, or an account you created for the purpose of promoting your site? And also if you are using a fake account or I should say "pen name" account, do you have your profile private or visible?

    I have a profile I created for the purpose of promoting my site... I have yet to engage with it at all actually (because my site isn't finished and I want to wait till I have more content up before I promote it) But I wasn't sure if people would take me seriously or not when I try to post on relevant pages/groups because I have zero friends on fb, one picture, and nothing posted on my wall.
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    Glad to hear it worked out for you!
    I'm doing the same thing as well, but it does use up a bit of time to post on a bunch of different pages with unique content.

    Curious, do you literally just post a link to your blog and say "Hey check it out"? Or do you comment about what the existing statuses are about?
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